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City Park Police Chief

The Figurehead - Performs a number of ceremonial duties.Leadership - To motivate or coordinate workers so as to achieve the set goals of the department or communityLiaison duties - cooperate with other institutions and coordinating work assignmentsMonitoring/inspecting - frequently critiquing operations to ensure operations run smoothly.

Dissemination - Dispensing information to other members of the institution through different methods.Spokesperson duties - More concerned with providing information to the media.

DECISION-MAKER ROLESEntrepreneur - Selling helpful ideas to members of the department or governing board.Disturbance handler - Resolves disputes ranging from minor dispute either among the staff members to bigger disputes such as riots, muggings e.t.c.Resource allocator - Understanding the department's budget and priorities.Negotiator - Try to represent the best interests of both labor and city during collective bargaining.



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