The Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects the disabled people against discrimination in employment in both government and private sectors. This includes on aspects such as transportation, accommodation, and telecommunication. The Economic Development Opportunity Committee (EDOC) in US Department of Labor has given various guidelines on compliance to the act which have faced criticism from various employees.The EDOC guidelinesThe EDOC guidelines on some aspects of compliance to the Americans with Disabilities Act have faced criticism from most of the employers arguing that it is unfairly favoring the workers. The section that has faced much criticism is the statement that employers should make reasonable changes in the accommodation, or the available facilities to enable the disabled person to perform the duties without many difficulties. These changes include improving the accessibility of the facilities to fit the disabled person, altering the work schedules, acquiring working equipments, policies and all the materials that will affect the work of the disabled person (Bureau of National Affairs, 1999).According to me, the EDOC guidelines for this act are fair. This is because they eliminate any bias in the workplace concerning the disabled employees. When a person with a disability takes the initiative of applying for a certain job position, he or she is sure that she/he is qualified and can meet the performance requirement of that position if give a chance and the necessary materials. As an employee, I would adopt these guidelines for the sake of promoting workforce diversity. The disabled employees may sometimes lack the physical abilities but may have high mental abilities. Being in a supervisory position, I would consider the cots involved in making these workplace changes for the sake of the disabled employees. It may be costly to make the necessary workplace adjustments to fit the disabled person but on the other hand, the disable person may turn out to be of high value to the organization (Ackerstein, 1998).

There are claims that the postal service violates the act since they have no delivery provision for the handicapped. They just deliver the mails to the described place but they do not consider the physical condition of the individual whose letters are being delivered. To fully observe the cat, they should restructure to ensure personal delivery of the mails.

The ODEC guidelines fairly promote workplace equality and this enhances workplace diversity which may be important for productivity of the organization. It is therefore important for employers to follow the guidelines and not being biased when it comes to employment. Disability is controlled by God and therefore everyone should live comfortably with the disable people.



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