Importance of Leveling a Set of DFDs

The use of data flow diagram plays a crucial role in the modeling process during system design. With the use of data flow diagrams, it is possible to show the logical flow of data within a system. When using data flow diagrams, it is needful to level them by creating a context diagram, few child diagrams and a system diagram that allows a project to be visualized easily by analysts and clients, as well. This process also improves system modeling process.

System analysts can deal in projects with a small scope as well as some which have complex scope. When analysts work on large projects, many data flow diagrams can cause confusion or lack of clarity. Because of this, leveling offers a better way to arrange the data flow diagrams to boost clarity and reduce complexity in the process modeling. Leveling allows modelers to develop a context diagram, which represent the entire system as one bubble with several interconnections attached to it. A context diagram is a top level data flow diagram that allows the whole project to be visualized in one picture. In addition, creating a few child diagrams and system diagram gives modelers the opportunity to balance the system’s input and output by aligning them across the entire system. This process is critical to the success of the modeling process.

The use of data flow diagram leveling increases the depth of visualization that modelers have of a given system. In fact, it allows them to increase the details of a system being developed and in the end, allow various sections such as lower level primitives to be located. When modeling a system, arriving at abstraction is not possible if modelers have few details of a system. However, a higher level of abstraction is gained when a system is leveled because it allows the system to be thoroughly examined in more detail. With the leveling of data flow diagrams, it is possible to work on a complex system with precision and clarity.

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