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General Manager

Career Objective

A versatile individual who seeks to offer top record profitability as well as pursue a flourishing career which leads to achievement of perfection and personal growth as well as organizational development

Personal profile

 I am a highly devoted, reliable, self-motivated and team builder, who handles his responsibilities with a lot of enthusiasm, prefers challenging work-environment and can meet any deadline. Results-focused professional equipped with breadth of experience in the hospitality industry.   


General Manager

In two years time I have improved Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites guest satisfaction to 95%, increased market share by 8%, decreased employee turnover, directed and managed property operations to ensure optimum performance as well as the continual development of the five key Results Areas, worked closely with the owner to control all activities of the property including employees, maintenance, sales and profit/ loss controls. I posses excellent multi-tasking skills since I perform all executive functions. Furthermore, I am in charge of sales. 

  • I successfully manage and ran a 81 rooms and suits property with 30 plus employees
  • Delivered results which contributed to the mission as well as the overall success of the hotel through accomplishing performance objectives centered on business revenues, guest satisfaction as well as associate satisfaction.  
  • Overseeing guest service function to ensure corrective actions are taken to solve guest complaints.
  • Overviewed Human Resource aspects including hiring, interviewing, assigning duties, coaching as well as performance appraisals.



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Hospitality Intern Supervisor

During my nine month term of service at Marriott Marquis I offered exceptional services and built a track record. I undertook the following responsibilities:

  • Instrumental in conducting ongoing training with existing associates as necessary
  • Promptly prepared and submitted daily/ weekly payroll records
  • Provided accurate feedback to staff on their performance
  • Pivotal in monitoring arrival of visitors
  • Effectively handled disciplinary issues as well counseled employees
  • Successfully monitored and promoted cooperative work environment, maximized productivity as well as employee morale
  • Closely monitored staff duties before checking out
  • Worked hand in hand with the housekeeper to ensure accurate status of all the rooms
  • Effectively documented pertinent information in department log book
  • Effectively performed night audit without assistance

Front Office Associate

During my tenure in one of the best hotel (East India Hotels) I was instrumental in various activities but they are not limited to:

  • Working extensively in reservation
  • Well versed in handling reservation calls, reconfirming future reservations and monitor future reservations, FIT as well as groups.
    • Creating database of customers
    • Effective supervision of all staffs by assigning different works
    • Managing customers related tasks such as giving room, taking cash, providing customers requirement etc.
    • Maintaining the office area and desk clean and neat to facilitate the customers

Hospitality Management Trainee

  • Undertaking training in all the operational and as well as nonoperational departments to gain the intricate working of a hotel
  • Undergoing training in accounts payable as well as receivable to better perform and understand the relation between accounts and front office.
  • Acquisition of basic accounting knowledge
  • Understanding organizational protocol
  • Understanding the components of hospitality industry
  • Performing tasks prescribed by the course instructor
  • Understanding departmental management and job assignment


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Education and background


Southern New Hampshire University, New Hampshire                                                                 

Global MBA

Southern New Hampshire University, New Hampshire                                                               

Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland                                                                             

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BA in Hospitality Management

American Hotel and Motel Association                                                                                                      

Diploma in hotel Management 

Institute of Advanced Management, Kolkata, India                                                                      

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Diploma In hotel management


Other skills and abilities 

  •  Fluent written and spoken
  • Proficient with Ms office Suite
  • Typing Speed 40 wpm
  • Well versed in Opera PMS, Fidelio PMS, Holidex



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