The Racism

Charles Maton came to this country and fell in love with a local woman. They have been dating for the last two years. Charles feels that given a different scenario their relationship has reached a permanent commitment stage, marriage. He cannot marry her because she is not Briton.

Looking at this situation from an unbiased point of view, I will analyse it in the essay below. I will make use of borrowing some understanding from renowned authorities to verify my findings.


Racism has been a controversial issue for decades and up to date it is still a part of the society we live. Readers Digest Oxford Dictionary defines bigot as an obstinate and intolerant believer in religion, political theory and in this case racial status. Interracial marriage is synonymous to marital assimilation. Gordon defines marital assimilation as amalgamation between dominant and subordinate racial group. He believes this represents the most crucial aspects in 7-step assimilation process. It signals the loss of socially defined racial group distinctions. The level of societal acceptance of interracial relationship is a benchmark for determining the extent of marital assimilation within a society.

Interracial relationships are an everyday thing in the society today. They come to marriages or just dating. These relationships are evident in movies, in small communities’ music and video clips. Apparently, this was unheard of and in some state of the U.S even against the law.

However, there is some hesitation when these relationships come up in conversations. This is perhaps the reason the director of “Jungle Fever” Spike Lee termed it as jungle fever. He even went further and pointed to it as a possible lure to the forbidden fruit, a clear satire.

Using a clear reflection of this controversial aspect of society, Lee portrays the relationship between Black-American and Italian-American interracial correlations. The movie criticizes the urbanization in New York as the direct attribute to interracial relationships. The movie depicts New York as a city that is full of stereotypes. Where no racial group can tolerate another race, leave alone thinking about any possible assimilation martially. Critiques of Lee’s work say that he raises issues such as discrimination, infidelity and Black-American Man preference by White women, his work lack clear explanations in a more elaborate way.

As Flipper ends the relationship, he makes it known that interracial relationships are based on pure curiosity and not cordiality or love. Lee in his work paints this relationship negatively.

Racists have a belief that some trait in some human deserves to be segregated. He goes further and argues that this behavior is pernicious to a particular group of people. Interracial marriages are prohibited in many countries, including South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Canada and Australia among others. However, the existence of such laws has not eliminated pro-racist activities.

Looking at it from a historic point of view, Americans had a law called Anti-miscegenation law. This means mix genus. Around 1600s the laws passed to prohibit dating and marriages between persons of a different race. Even as late as in 1924 there were bills created against such relationships.

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Mix genus law influenced the American society in a great way. After Asians had started working in America in the 19th century, they married American women and this was threatening; consequently, the introduction of mix genus laws banned them; but then after the end of the World War II, soldiers started coming back with foreign wives.

There are various justifications as to why people discriminate against others when it comes to marital issues. According to sociologist George Yancey, men have more interracial relationship as compared to their counterparts.

Propinquity theory advocates that there is a high probability that white people cannot live in location with people of color. Propinquity is where people tend to relate well to individuals in their geographical vicinity. A reason why persons may discriminate against each other for lack of cordiality. Charles may believe that their relationship cannot work because his girlfriend is not from Britain and lacks British mannerism.

Racial inequality also referred as racial superiority is a significant influence on this belief. In most cases bigotry occurs when one group possesses a vast deal of social power because of their racial status. Since marriage is typically a relationship between social equals, the disproportionate power between one race and another makes it even hard for interracial relationships to end up in marriage.

Racism might be invisible at times, because it represents a way of thinking, a socialization process that is not abrupt but rather constant at play. Again, this reflects the story of racism and it is not simply an event but rather a way of thinking about racial ethnic differences.

Racism has been given some justification. For instance, correct understanding of any part of the Negro question demands a review of a situation of Negro under all varying situations and conditions. This was because only through a comparison of the aboriginal characteristics of negro with qualities acquired through contact with other race and civilization we can form a just estimate of his relative capacity for progress.

Some scholars depict the greatest deficiency of people of color as the deficiency of mechanical artistic. These people show little originality. Living in a continent endowed with resources, they have found it easier to procure the few things they need in addition to what nature furnishes them, by trading with Arabs and later with Europeans, than developing industries among them.

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In some reports and books it is concluded that many supposedly superior race men could gain what they want sexually from their minority female counterpart, without having to make a marriage commitment. Since easy sexual access has been more beneficial to men than to women, it is an aid explaining why it may be viewed that white men have sexual advantage over women of color.

Historical preformed perspective is a familiar reason why one would never marry a partner of another race. Hispanic men believe that marrying from another race enhances status and, it comes with societal approval. This is a long historical bigotry and discrimination.


Bigotry in interracial dating and marriages has been a nagging issue in the society for many centuries. Whether it originates from peer, geographical segregation, family, financial status or political affiliations. It is still an evil factor to exist.

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