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I am a student and now I am studying in United-States. Before I came here, I studied in elementary school and high school in my country in Hong Kong. The education system in Hong Kong is totally different with the education system in United States. Hong Kong is using one of the education systems described in Freire’s essay - the banking concept. When I was a student in my country, I sat in the classroom from 8 am until 3:50 pm from Monday to Friday for no reason. I was not learning things. I was only given notes and materials by teachers, who were not really teaching student anything. Teachers in my country do their job only to get paid and they do not care to provide students with knowledge that they will need in the future. In addition, I was questioning the purpose of me going to school because I felt I was simply taught to have a good grade on tests. In my country teachers prepared the tests based on the same content that they presented in class, so in order to get good grades on tests students had to memorize the answers provided by the teacher. Because of this, I used to memorize answers that teachers talked about in class instead of understanding the real ideas and concepts of the subjects. As a result, I could not pass the tests when I came to United States to study. I realized that banking concept reduced my ability to study and think critically as well.

In conclusion, education system is vital in achieving success in individual’s life. Though banking concept may be preferred by some of the countries, problem-solving concept is better in numerous ways. It encourages critical and creative thinking, allows gaining practical knowledge, and helps students understand the real situation or phenomenon. It also helps gain necessary characteristics that are important in building future career of the student. This is not the case with banking concept, as its focus is on passing an examination. Students get more theoretical knowledge and memorize information rather than understand the ideas. As such, problem-solving concept is important for educating professionals who will later contribute to development of competitive economy.



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