This report is based on the book Politics for Business Students: A Comparative Introduction by Richard Eccleston, Robyn Hollander, Elizabeth Van Acker and Paul Williams. The book was published by Pearson Custom Books and copyrighted by the authors in 2009.

Main Points Made by the Authors

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Politics for Business Students is designed to help people who study the political nature of business management as a part of their degree program. It is noted that the global financial crisis of 2008 influenced the relationship between politics and business. A business can thrive only if the political environment is stable. Globalization has called for many political systems to play a key role in business and ensure economic stability. As a result, research studies have been intensified to find out how business managers can operate under the policies set by the government.

Therefore, Politics for Business Students aims at providing the necessary knowledge and skills to study and analyze various political issues affecting business in Australia and the entire world. The book gives a detailed overview of the main ideas of the Australian political system, the organizations and stakeholders which form it and finally, compares Australian democracy practices with those of the advanced countries. The book also seeks to explain the components of the Australian political system briefly, without making a critical theoretical analysis. Targeting undergraduate and senior college business students, the book gives political and business concepts which can be of use in future studies and professional careers. Essentially, the book presents the constitutional polices, formulated by different governments, that have subsequent results in business. Chapter two emphasizes numerous ways in which the relations between legislative rules , business and politics can vary between countries.

Evidence and Examples Used

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The constitution of a country is the basis of both its political and legal systems that influence economy. For instance, Japan’s economy has been constantly developing and becoming influential to other countries because of its favorable political environment. It is a country where business organizations and the government are working hand in hand for the success of the nation. France is also used as an example to illustrate the need for a good relationship between the government and business.

Strong and Convincing Parts of the Text

I found this text informative and well written. It highlights the benefits of having a good form of government in relation to business operations. The book mentions that the extent to which business is structured politically and the ties existing between the government and business differ from place to place. Effective planning and cooperation between government and firms can lead to the growth of an economy. For example, France has stabilized its economy by setting up rules and regulations aimed at promoting business activities. With the emergence of globalization issues, it is important for nations to reconsider their constitutions and carry out amendments that will revive their economies. As a matter of fact, democratic system of governance ought to be embraced in this 21st century to enable efficient operating of business and hence, economic growth and development of a country.

Weak and Unconvincing Parts of the Text

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Although the text succeeds in informing students about the need for a good relationship between government and business, it fails to explain the consequences of different economic systems. It holds that nations have different forms of government, based on history, and does not give way on how they can be used to promote business activities. At the same time, it does support the evidence that all countries have some aspects of democratic government that facilitate the growth of an economy.

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