Richard Rodriguez

According to the reading its class by Richard Rodriguez, the main idea of the writer is the aspect of the class being a more crucial issue than that of racism in the United States. This is on the basis of the fact that the issue of prejudices on the basis of the race of an individual in the United States is overlooked and is still legal. Many of the Americans view upon their class inferiors as a substandard race that is naturally suited specific jobs and with no rights than the superior class (Lynne & Suneeti, 2006). In the post affirmative action period in the United States, the issue of social class is more outstanding than that racism and ethnicity.

The tone of the reading is on the basis of the deeper issue of the social class inequality rather that the issues of the race and ethnicity. According to Richard, many people as are only concerned with the concern of whether an American is black, Latino, Hispanic or white whereas what should be the main concern is the difference between the rich and the poor that is caused by the social class differences (Lynne & Suneeti, 2006).

The fact that the affirmative action might be unjust to the poor white American does not hit the thoughts of many people in the United States. This is mainly due to the fact that the poor whites do not comprise of a minority group that id legally recognized. The presence or absence of the poor white in the High schools, colleges and Universities in the United States but the presence of the working class people is only recognized by the wearing of the working class related fashions (Lynne & Suneeti, 2006).

The issue of class is more crucial in the United States; therefore, people should stop focusing only on racism and ethnicity so that people can acknowledge the social class. This enables progression socially and politically especially now that the affirmative action is non functional and many poor children continue to receive education.



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