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Class Discussion

This survey is a research project on women who received services from any of the 10 shelters in Atlanta, GA. All that needs to be done is to respond and complete this survey. Your participation is voluntary. Your choice to participate is optional. Completing and returning the survey constitutes your willingness to participate. This survey seeks to identify the ethical issues for the survey of women. This letter should be kept for your records. Any issue concerning survey can be directed to my supervisor. Any issues can be directed to the office that is responsible for the protection of your rights and is not involved in this study. This survey is concerned with promoting compliance with both ethical principles and controversies. Women’s rights and what happens to the information they reveal is based on the heading of ethics.

The Patriotic Act

Resolutions have been passed that protest against the provisions of the Patriotic Act. However, according to some individuals, the Patriotic Act should be defended because America is still at war. The sole purpose of the Patriotic Act is to deter terrorism from causing more death and destruction to property. Thus, the Patriotic Act says that the courts and the congress will ensure that the constitutional rights of Americans are safeguarded. There have been different opinions concerning the Patriotic Act. Patriotic Act restricts the civil liberties of citizens (Cole, 2007). For instance, as stated in section 206, the government can obtain roving wire traps without necessarily empowering the courts to ascertain that controversies being intercepted involve a target under investigation. Some sections of the Patriotic Act have been observed to be unconstitutional, for instance, section 215 that allow the government to gain an easy access to a court order to subject people or businesses to turn over their documents for an investigation to protect against acts of terrorism. Therefore, the Patriotic Act is not a constitutionally sound method of governing, and if the government is unchecked, it may lead to authoritarian and totalitarian control (Etzioni, 2009).



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