Health Issues Related to Women

All the above listed books provide clear guidelines on the pregnancy and health issues related to women at a close range. These books are well revisited and are the most recent since the years range from 2008 to 2010.

Report on “Your pregnancy and Childbirth: Month to Month.” 5th Edition

The book gives clear highlights on what to expect on a monthly basis during pregnancy and the postpartum periods. It includes guidance on the nutrition, the physical activities, the delivery, and the general baby development. It is a classic book to follow since the guidelines are precise. The information in the book is remarkably accurate, and a panel of editorial task force members has revisited it thoroughly to ensure it is up to date and correct.

The book retail price ranges at around 50 US dollars on the bookshops, however, the price may vary from one bookshop to another. The contents in it justify the investment on the purchasing price since all the questions expectant mothers have got answered in one book. The book’s simplicity makes it easy to read and understand without the need to get more clarifications from a health professional.

Personally, the book is straightforward and can be used at home by a pregnant woman or any family member to help anxious mothers to understand issues arising in pregnancy. The book helps women to get enlightened on their personal health issues. As a result, they can be able to keep track of the body changes they may experience. This is a book surely worth purchasing. Nurses and health care workers can use the same book to educate themselves on how to nurse and deliver babies. This can be used in cases of emergencies and where the health nurse is not sure about various procedures. A close review of the book helps women to expand their knowledge.

Clinical Question

What is the ratio of women who read educational health books when they are pregnant?

Type of Study

The study was conducted through interviews. Personal interviews conducted on pregnant women seeking medical care on concluded that for every 10 women asked if they read books on health issue, 8 of them answered NO. When presented with the book, most of them seemed interested to learn more from the book. The principal concern of the book, therefore, lies in enlightening the women with basic pregnancy care skills without necessarily having to visit health centers every other time for checkups.



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