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My parent’s belief that “the biggest people deserve the biggest share” made me become interested in law. I was the last born in our family. I could argue with my parents every time they gave us gifts. Since they believed that elder people gets the biggest share, they used to give my older siblings larger portions while I got smaller portions. I developed strong persuasive skills as I could stir strong debates with my parents every time with an aim of convincing them to treat us equally. The debate continued until one day justice was done! My parents started dividing every gift they brought equally.

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As I grew older, though I had forgotten the gift debates, the experiences I encountered made me recall the debates and explorations for justice. One evening, as my aunt was going to the shopping centre to buy some vegetables, she was hit by a car which sped off and left her unconscious. The vehicle’s number plate recorded by witnesses indicated that the car belonged to a ‘big’ person – a minister. His son was on the wheel when the accident occurred. My parents started to pursue the case. They recorded statements with the police and filed a case in court. The minister hired a powerful lawyer in the case. Since my parents could not afford a lawyer, they personally represented the case, hoping that justice will prevail. After many case hearings, the minister won the case with the judge pronouncing that there was no sufficient evidence that it was the minister’s car which hit the lady.

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On another instance, when I visited my uncle in the city, we could hear our neighbor’s husband beat his wife and children every day at midnight after coming from a bar. He could shout his three children’s names from a distance and expected to have found them all awake on his arrival in the house. He could beat everybody in the house without any reason. I could hear cries of innocent children in the wee hours of the night and wondered if there were laws protecting women and children. I made my mind to do something that could save the children and their mother. I decided to report the matter to human rights agencies. They thanked me a lot and arrested the neighbor. I became one of the witnesses. The human rights agency had a very good lawyer. The lawyer communicated effectively and was well acquainted with the law. The neighbor was not only charged, but also counseled and guided on better ways to live with his family. He totally changed and lived happily with the family. The wife and children thanked me so much for the action I took. It was after the realization of happiness and joy that people have when they receive justice, when I decided to pursue a career in law. The human rights lawyer motivated me by how he interpreted the law. His arguments reminded me on my childhood gift debate.

I knew that to succeed in the law profession, it requires good communication, presentation, and management skills. I attended NCB diploma seminar trainings in self management, team building, presentation skills, and communication skills to improve my skills.

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Michigan State University College of Law is my first choice of institution because of its quest to providing all students with necessary tools to succeed in any legal environment (Michigan State University College of Law, 2010). This will enable me practice law effectively in any part of the world. The University has highly qualified staff ranging from practicing attorneys to highly respected scholars with their offices located near lecture halls for easy consultation with students. The university is recognized internationally for producing highly qualified law practitioners who have greatly impacted the society. Moreover, the university’s academic program encourages dual degree, certificates and concentrations, internships that enable students to gain both academic knowledge and work experience.

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