Good Design

Design refers to an art of creating images using available resources and coming up with appealing figures to audience. It can also be defined as the way of representing objects in ways that can meet consumer’s goals in a given environment or in a certain period of time. In other words it is a way of representing goods, products, or items in a manner that can meet consumer’s requirements and goals in a given environment.

A good design is one that can attract the attention of audience. An example of a good design is shown below:

The design looks beautiful and attractive to the eyes. Its color gives people more appetite hence encouraging consumer`s (, 2011). The design’s appearance shows its stability.

A good design should not interfere with the originality of a product and should bring the consumers attitude towards the product. Consumer might also know the originality of the product the designer designs, that means losing originality entails designing a new product hence destroying the consumers’ taste and preference (, 2009) . The color of the design should also be attractive.

The use of tertiary color, red violet, in the design emphases on the product’s strength and durability. The background brown color also shows that the product is placed on an object.



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