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The US will dramatically change in the next 30 years and so will its policies; there will be a new set of challenges that do not only stem from finances but also from an aging population, a declining birth rate and a growing ethnic diversity.

Demographic factors

Since the 1970’s, the birth rate in the US have been 40% lower than at the heights of the baby boom. This baby boom by the year 2040 will have aged and thus will stop being an economic asset but a burden to the state. First, they will lower the labor force and thus lower the overall economic productivity. Secondly, it will be the cost incurred to care for the large number of retirees that by the year 2041,”social security will begin to run at a deficit in about eight years and will deplete its trust fund by 2041…”. As the birth rate remains low and the baby boom ages, spending on consumer household will fall per household and the number of struggling group will increase. Also if not tamed now, immigration to the US will reach unprecedented levels and thus strain on the already strained basic resources meant for the residents


Healthcare means to manage the resources that are used in healing. This has been complex and difficult to manage since the 1990’s and has since been changing rapidly and turbulently; this is likely to continue into the future for reasons within and outside healthcare. Continued rapid increases in the costs have transformed healthcare into a $1trillion industry but surprisingly from statistics the US the infant mortality and longevity are falling behind some industrialized nations as some 40 million residents in the US lack health insurance. Since the defeat of President Bill Clinton’s healthcare reform bill in 1994, the chance to reform healthcare seemed to have gone but somehow was renewed with the passage and signing of the bill with the Obama administration.

The bill passed by Obama administration claims to make insurance affordable by reducing premium costs for the middle class millions,  set up a new competitive health market thus enabling more Americans to make a choice of insurance same as members of the congress, end discrimination and bring to an end discrimination against Americans with pre-existing condition. Overall, it will reduce the budget deficit by “...More than $1 trillion over the second decade-by cutting government overspending and reining in waste, fraud and abuse” (Martin 34)

But with the current changes, this will push healthcare systems out of reach and thus into a crisis and chaos in the US bloated healthcare industry, “some analysts have predicted its collapse...” (Jonas, Knickman, 664). The advancement in technology will also reach unprecedented levels as the US has always led in scientific discovery. The US will continue to dominate partly thanks to brain drain from third world and from emerging economies. The US scientists will be ahead in genetics, robotics, nanotechnology and IT.

The Aging Population. Custom The Aging Population Essay Writing Service || The Aging Population Essay samples, help

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