Diminishing American Dream

This essay brings into light the diminishing American dream, what went wrong and how things can be fixed. The American dream is “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement” (Truslow 1). The US is undoubtedly the greatest country on earth but it seems many have abandoned the principles on which the country was built and many more have sacrificed liberty for economic prosperity.

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What’s wrong and how to fix it.

According to radio host Darrel Ankarlo the society is rotting from within due to uninformed and uninvolved citizens. This is also done by placing the ‘wrong administration’ in power. Hence Americans are responsible for the consequences of their actions. Most Americans want benefits that they did not earn nor have the means to fund, thus increasing the national debt that the future generations will bear the brunt to pay.

As the graph below shows the national debt is rising on a yearly basis (next page) and is growing faster than any other debt of any country in the world and currently stands at $13 trillion. This means there will be lessening demand for the US dollar making the dollar less desirable hence decreasing its value. As the value of the dollar declines foreign holders will be paid in a worthless currency which further decreases its demand. Finally, this large federal debt will obviously slow down the economy.

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It was caused by industrialization of the US during 20th century. Transition from economy based on wood to one dependent on fossil caused land pollution, the construction of factories in urban areas led to the existing environmental problems. This has continued over the years to date and most cities now are chocked up with pollution.

In earlier times, raw sewerage was discharged to rivers and it is unfortunate that up to now “we still discharge partially treated or untreated sewage into our water courses causing severe water pollution problems” (Goel 11).

Fixing the problems

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This is what can be done to fix America’s problems so that all may realize the American dream instead of sitting back and complaining:

  • We all stop taking high interest credit cards (at least 9.99% and below), carefully read the terms and conditions.
  • Never live beyond your means.
  • Giving back to the community. Donating time, money, and or clothes that you may throw away. Volunteering and cleaning up the neighborhood.

Electing the federal government that you feel will do its best to solve the problems that are faced by Americans like that of pollution.

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