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Research has shown that children who were deprived of maternal love and care are affected much. This is because an infant needs the warm and intimate experience from their mother which in turn influences their social developments. There are serious mental issues which are associated with the absence of a mother in the child’s early life. Maternal deprivation occurs mostly in case of divorce or death. Therefore for better development of children married couple needs to work towards maintaining the family unit which solely depends on them. Children behaviors at times emanate from the family issues which may include unresolved conflict between parents. There are marital conflicts but the involved parties should learn to solve them well. For example some couple opts not to solve their conflict openly while others prefer open conflict. All this happenings shape the behavior of a child. For a child to be healthy in all aspects there has to be proper communication within the family setup (Greenberg, Cicchetti and Cummings 82).

A father plays an important role in the life of the child. He is the intermediate between the two and through his influence a child learns how to be independent. Through this a child is able to nurture his talents and become a responsible, honest and productive person. For this reason the family unit is essential in nurturing the character and the life of the young person. A child learns about the governing rules of the world through the father. Therefore aspects like honesty and productivity are instilled in a child through the father. The child develops real trust from the father since trust is gained through a relationship with a person you haven’t associated much with.

Marital problems are the cause of domestic violence. In this case those that feel strong are the ones who engage in violent confrontation. Domestic violence is a psychological problem since it emanates from unwillingness of the involved people to take responsibility for their lives. Children at most time get in the mix of all this confusion and mess. Some partners due to bitterness and anger end up attacking the children. Children got up in this mess fail to socially relate well because of the trauma. Therefore it’s important for parents to provide conducive environment for the development of their young ones.


In most cases when there is family issues the involved parties tend to term their children as the problem in order to evade the hard realities. Therefore that is why in most families some children are referred to as black sheep at the time when the family’s interaction is dysfunctional. Because of the family dysfunction many of the infant’s disorders and disruptive behavior stems from the family system. Most of the children illness is a reflection of the anxiety and conflicts in the family body. Marriage is meant to be a place where children are raised honorable with some unique aspects like love, charity, faith and hope. Children require both parents to protect, care and lead them through their toughest moments and that is why it’s more painful to a child when they lose a parent through divorce than death (Wood 238).

What Domestic Violence Is. Custom What Domestic Violence Is Essay Writing Service || What Domestic Violence Is Essay samples, help

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