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This is an argumentative essay based on the issue of gender equality. This is simply the equality of the two genders. Gender equality stemmed from the belief of gender inequality as a result of injustice. Gender inequality is discussed on the basis of human rights and economic development. Gender equality generally talks about leveling the ground for women in order to ensure they get equal opportunities that are helpful in nurturing their talents. International organizations have greatly focused on gender equity as the main channel to poverty eradication. The United Nations believes that empowering of women that have been oppressed with issues of inequalities can greatly help in reducing poverty. Therefore there are many goals that are directed to the rights of women. The international community supports gender equity because they know that it is the only way that can bring development and prosperity.

Supporters of gender equity longs for replacement of terms like masculism and feminism with gender equity. Gender equity is a way of bringing the desired fairness and cooperate solutions for the betterment of both males and women in all aspects. Naturally women are considered to be the weaker sex and not an equal of men but feminists argue that the roles of women that have been there since ancient times are very oppressive and discriminative. Feminists assume that the female gender was designed in a way that is opposite to that of an ideal man. Therefore these traditional roles make men to dominate over the women and as a result this traditional duty closes many opportunities for the women and girl child. The western culture perception about the same is that of a dichotomized female gender roles where women are house wives or stay at home mothers, career women or both. Therefore women who have families and are also working have to strike a balance between the family and the career (Krook and Childs 98).

Most women therefore have little time for themselves because of the heavy burden on their shoulders. On the contrary men have an easy time of becoming successful career wise as well as in the family. Corrective measures of gender inequalities were undertaken by the government in form of affirmative action in order to end social injustices and prejudice against the minorities. The potential of women and girls have not been fully exploited because of the socially constructed roles. This discrimination has made women to suffer greatly because of denied education and health care. Many times women have not been accessible to important information that can effectively help them to improve their health. Discrimination on the basis of gender has made women to loose the changes for many great opportunities like freedom to make a living, freedom from abuse, violence and exploitation. Traditionally women were not allowed to make their own decisions because they had to adhere to what the male had decided.

This exploitation made women to start fighting for their rights for equal treatment. Women have not been fully protected legally because of their gender and as a result gender equality was affirmed to bring a solution to such issues. For instance there are some cultures that allow teenage marriage therefore denying the girl child the chance to acquire education. In the recent past a series of laws have been passed in an attempt to end gender inequality. For instance the United Kingdom government enacted several laws which were meant to offer equal opportunity for women. Some of the laws that were passed by the United Kingdom government included sex discrimination act and equal pay act; these acts were enacted in order to allow women to enjoy the privileges which had for long been for men (Krook and Childs 98).

Opponents of gender equity view it as a quest for external powers and an indication of deficiency in moral training. Traditionally the roles of educating children morally and caring for them were solely meant for women but things are not the same because of gender equality. Today men care for their children and family more than before. The roles between men and women have drastically changed because of equity and equal chances. In today’s society women are successfully pursuing their careers something that was unheard of in the ancient days. Despite these improvements there are some places where gender inequality still looms. Such places are characterized by extensive poverty and poor growth. Despite the efforts to bring gender equality there are many aspects in our society that reflects gender inequality. In the developing countries women still suffers because of discrimination on the bases of gender.

Women are still paid poorly compared to their counterparts just because they are women. Statistics reveal that women generally earn lower compared to men. There is a lot of discrimination going on at work place. For instance many women are denied employment chances because when they decide to have families they will need maternity leaves. Many companies view such things as unnecessary expenses and as a result women are denied the chance to work like men. On addition to that most employers fear employing women because of their obligation of taking care of the family. They have the notion that working mothers cannot fully concentrate on their jobs and as a result there is no gender equity at work. At the moment the organization fighting for the rights of women and girl child has not been able to ensure equal learning chances for the girls as those experienced by boys. There are some parents who still strongly hold to the old traditions of inequality (Roth 182).

By the fact that women are progressively being allowed to venture into the fields that were initially designed for men then things are changing. Currently there are women who pursue careers that were initially meant for men like engineering and medicine and they are very successful at it. Therefore development will only occur when women are allowed to fully exploit their potentials. Despite of this marked improvement gender gap still exists and because it results from discrimination it’s quite evident that the sex discrimination legislation is not effectively working at meeting its goals. Gender equity has been successful achieved in developed countries because in the developing country people are still catching up and that is the reason there are still issues like traditional marriages. Despite of the protective legislations women are continuously fired because of maternity leaves.

For gender equity to be effective the legislatives need to look at the main cause of discrimination on basis of gender. As long as these issues remain unaddressed the fight against gender inequality will not come to an end. On addition to that employers have a great role to play in ensuring that gender inequality is well dealt with. Boys and girls are still accessing education unequally a cross the world. For instance many boys are taken to school compared to the girls. Therefore educational gaps on basis of gender remains wide and something need to be done. If gender discrimination is effectively eliminated the other forms of discrimination will easily be eliminated. If gender equity is successfully achieved, women will be in a position to fully contribute to the society. Basing on religion women are not equal to men because they are supposed to fully submit to their husbands.    

Genders. Custom Genders Essay Writing Service || Genders Essay samples, help

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