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Public relations or customer orientation is inevitably, one of the core and areas to be emphasized prudently, because without customer their will be no business. A number of professional says that “Customer is the one who pays your salary” and it’s quite true indeed, as what induce a customer to do business with you, or buy your specific product, although he have a number of alternatives available in the market. The thing which really suppresses them is the fiduciary relationship which has been and in the meanwhile enhance in a one to one meeting between the seller and the buyer.

The main theme of this thesis is to examine the need of a public relation department in an organization. The researcher has the intentions sketches the flowchart of a the organizations. The chief prospective of this study is to gauge the importance of the public relations to viable an organization via its size and via it’s equity as well.

The endeavor of this particular study is to understand the importance of public relations bustle and activity in an organization. This is especially been focused in an over communicated society where an enormous majority of organizations compete each other to gain access to the scare media resources to put their message across to their potential clients, supporters and customers.

We are well cognizant with the fact that the organizations generally depends on the donation, mainly solicit from the government. Due to the shortage of adequate capital and resources, such organizations usually envisage a really tuff time to attract a sizeable public relations budget, and due to this deficiency these organizations lacks to launch a successful and meaningful public relation campaign, which stumbles these organizations to the backward. Let’s start our analysis.

The prominent objective of this research is to highlight the importance public relations in the organizations. Factually speaking, public relations play a vital and decisive role in depicting the image of the organizations, which ultimately leads to its growth and advancement. If we glance over the current world, then we will definitely consensus that most businesses across the industry, voluntary organizations and government organizations use public relations in order to enhance the goodwill and productivity of the organization. More precisely, it can be say that all sort or organizations needs public relation practitioners because he/she can play a key role in the organizational log term development and growth.

Organizations have to develop an impeccable genus relationship extravaganza with not only with the shareholders, customers and employees but also with government agencies, which doesn’t interfere in the day to day business of the organization. This is one of the main reasons why public relations are necessary for organizations that provide communication between different publics and organizations. The importance of public relations has increased drastically due to the need for good relation and effective communication between the companies, media, customer and stakeholders. This is absolute that, every organization regardless with the size and turnover need effective public relations to achieve their optimal success. These are the main reasons that have led to the development of public relations that has become one of the fastest-growing industries.

Public relation was commenced in the year 1920 as a profession. Since, the beginning of the quandary of public relation, it has experienced numerous structural changes which enhanced its growth and played an essential role in its development. Public relations which were, once used by limited number of organization, now have been adopted today by a wide range of organizations, across the globe. Due to the robust technological and environmental changes, the level of production has also increased with a rapid pace, which impact on the competition graph to be hike in last 10 to 20 years all over the world.

Public relations inexorably play a key role in the development of the organizations. One of the main reasons for this is that the organizations work for the sake of the public. Therefore, effective public relations programs are needed for charitable events, securing financial resources, forming effective relationships with the government and volunteers and creating a good reputation.

In the year 1983, James Grunig, concluded that a key contributor in the mounting problem of public relations was the lack of objectives, research methodology to evaluate the public relation programs.

A study by Dr Lloyd Kirban in 1983 among Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) members in the Chicago chapter found that more than half the practitioners expressed a “fear of being measured (John V. Pavlik, 1987, Pg-65).

In Managing Public Relations (1984), James Grunig and Todd Hunt, said that:

“The majority of practitioners ... still prefer to 'fly by the seat of their pants' and use intuition rather than intellectual procedures to solve public relations problems.”

(James E. Grunig, and Todd Hunt, 1984, Pg-77)

By consider the same concept we can say that, the public relations practitioners which manages communications have a momentous impact on public discourse. It is prerequisite that to make successful public relations, then the practitioners has to have a positive effect on discourse, and to have positive impact practitioners need to act ethically. 

Albeit, every layman seems to have a shallow idea about the term public relations and its applicability.  Apart from the general concepts, and to understand the term in a plausible manner, let start with inspecting some definitions relating to this. The Institute of Public Relations (IPR) and the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ) describes public relations as;

"The planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organization and its publics, is referred as the public relations"

(Baines, Egan, Jefkins, 2004, p.7 & Peart, Macnamara, 1996 pg.16)

Cutlip, Center & Broom (2006, Pg-4) defines the term public relation like that

“Public relation is a management function which evaluates public attitudes, and identifies the policies and procedures of an individual or an organization with the public interest, and plans and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance”.

These couple of definitions underscores that, the essence of public relations can be applied to several dimensions of an organization. When these definitions were published, a number of contradictions had arisen in the form of different arguments, likewise Grunin & Hunt did. According to their argument,

“Public relation is the management function which adapts an organization to its social, political, and economic environment to the organization, for the benefit of both. This implies two types of activity. First, the public relations practitioner must persuade management to do the things to the organization that will make it worthy of public approval. Second, the public relations practitioner must convince the public that the organization deserves its approval”

(Grunin & Hunt, 1984 Pg-7)

As the time passes, a lot of new definitions and arguments arose, which always created different caveats for the organization and the peoples as well to grab the idea of public relation pertinently. Public Relation Society of America (PRSA), define the term public relation in a more specific manner, as per them,

“The quintessence of public relations certainly helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other efficiently”

(Public Relation Society of America, 2006)

These and other published reviews imply that the curiosity of public relation has been increasing day by day and now becomes an integral element required by each and every organization in their success story. Unavoidably, the component of public relation now becomes a key piece both within the organization and outside it. With due respect, every organization such that governmental, business, health or educational has public relations professionals in their organization, and no doubt these personnel has been hired with due diligence and special emphasize. The key and the foremost function persist in the public relation is “Communication”, and those incumbents or candidates have been preferred who have an excellent communication and people skills. However, Haywood (1984) warns against this narrow view of public relations and underscores that public relations has a much wider scope than communication. 

Public relation is known as the central hub for the organizations, and that is why it should be integrated into the strategy of the management along with the other key areas, which are critical for the organizations. The basic duty of a public relation practitioner is to act like change agent, while creating a positive image of the corporation before the stakeholders. Public relation practitioners accomplish the same, by gain the confidence of the customers after involving them in the decision making process and change strategy. This is one of the main reasons why, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), vied that,

“A responsible and effective public relations program should be based on the understanding and support of its publics”

(Lovell, 1982)

From the above mentioned definitions, the core idea I have grabbed is that, the management of communication between an organization and its public is the other name of public relations. Here the word public represents the customers, employees, investors, suppliers, competitors and other concerned persons of the organizations. Therefore, it can be said that the main role of the public relations practitioners is o understand a company’s stakeholders pertinently.

Public Relations or Customer Orientation. Custom Public Relations or Customer Orientation Essay Writing Service || Public Relations or Customer Orientation Essay samples, help

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