Pattern of Insulting Behaviours

Domestic violence can generally be described as a pattern of insulting behaviors practiced by one or both parties in a close relationship such as a spouse, a family member, friend or even someone with whom one is dating (Smith, & Segal, 2010). There are several causes of domestic violence; the common ones being the social causes. Some of the social causes include relationship problems brought about by lack of communication where member keep to themselves their fears, wishes, hopes and ambitions(Peluso, 2007, p.16). Some spouses are sometimes held at their work places thus fail to create some time for their families. In such cases, these spouses fail to nurture their children appropriately and deny the other spouses love and as a result, conflicts may arise.  

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According to Gaultiere, domestic violence may also arise from lack of trust and misunderstanding. While a family is considered as the fundamental unit, it can develop fully without trust and proper understanding among its members. The husband and wife should trust each other and try as much as possible to make most of the key decisions together and extend this trust to the children as well (Gaultiere). Clarification of issues affecting the family should be made at all times so as to avoid misunderstanding. The most serious cause of domestic violence that may even lead to divorce is infidelity, where a spouse becomes unfaithful to the other (Peluso, 2007, p.1). In such a case, the affected spouse stops trusting the other spouse even if this behavior has stopped and most of the times, a mediator must come in to reconcile them.  

Another cause of domestic violence is personal reasons whereby one member of the family becomes the attacker of the others. This aggression may result from one member of the family or it may involve a situation of all against all. In such a case, the problem proves to be difficult to solve and members may consequently hurt each other psychologically, emotionally and physically. Personal aggression may be caused by mental or physical illnesses and the only solution to this is therapeutic attention (Peluso, 2007) Some of the common health conditions that lead to personal aggression include Alzheimer and Schizophrenia among others and they may not be realized earlier enough for proper measures to be taken. 

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