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Social networks refer to the online services that are principally focused on enhancing social relationships among individuals. The people socializing on such sites commonly share similar interests and ambitions in their lives.  According to Wildbit (2005), there is a variety of social networks that are used by individuals all over the world. The key examples of social networks include Facebook, Twitter, Google chat, and My Space. Several benefits emanate from the daily use of social networks among individuals in society. Social networks are beneficial for business development through advertising; they facilitate social relationships among individuals, and promote the spread of vital news all over the globe.

This essay explicates the benefits of social networks for the rising number of users all over the globe.

The existence of social networks has been beneficial in the promotion of businesses through wide advertising. All the social networks have millions of users all over the globe. These users are customers of different commodities products produced by different businesses. Cross & Parker (2004) assert that social networks have given different organizations the opportunity to market their products and services to the potential customers on the social sites, for example Facebook. They have made it easier for multinational companies to advertise their products to different customers all over the world. Manufactures and other organizations have cut down the effective costs involved in the promotion of their commodities because individuals have an opportunity to get the information relating to the commodities by means of social sites they access.  Zillman (2012) states that the effective advertising field offered by social networks has enhanced the level of business growth in society, as most organizations are able to make more purchases and increased profits. The expansion of businesses around the globe has also contributed to the growth of the economy in most countries hence promoting the standards of living among individuals. Therefore, social networks are beneficial because they have played a significant role in the enhancement of businesses through the promotion of effective and cheaper advertisements.

Social networks are beneficial in enhancing social relationships in both local and global society. They have provided a forum through which individuals can search for their longtime friends, who could have moved to further places.  Bruggeman (2008) observes that using social networks, individuals are able to chat and interact in other several ways such as commenting on the various posts made by other people. These interactions ensure that there is continuous contact among different individuals in society and that individuals are able to have fun as they socialize. The close socialization among individuals ensures that there is a strong bond among people, which facilitates effective interactions and coexistence within society. People interact promoting cultural understanding that ensures cultural tolerance all over the globe.. With the enhancement of social relationships among individuals, social networks have contributed to the elimination of  issues concerning unacceptable practices such as racism. Therefore, social networks have promoted better mutual understanding and peaceful living among individuals all over the globe.

Social networks have played an instrumental role in the spread of significant news. It is vital for every individual in the globe to get to know daily news of the local area and all over the world. Social networks have made it easier for different individuals to access vital news and other events. People and news organizations that are members of the social networks post news on the social sites. The news derived from social networks could be useful for various purposes that are beneficial to individuals all over the globe. All active individuals are able to get fast hand information by accessing their accounts at any given time.  Loretto (2009) reports that the easier access to news has ensured that individuals are informed of the daily news so that they react accordingly. Furthermore, the news derived from the social networks has been used in substantial changes around the globe. For instance, the uprisings against a dictatorial regime in Egypt emanated from the news spread by means of social networks. Therefore, social networks have ensured that there is a quicker way of spreading the news all over the globe and that individuals are able to utilize all the pieces of news for the benefit of society.

In conclusion, social networks are the online services that focus on the promotion of effective social relationships among different individuals in society. There is a variety of social networks all over the globe, and they include Facebook, Twitter, Google talk, and My Space. These sites have been extremely beneficial to all individuals all over the globe. For instance, they are useful in the promotion of business advertisements hence facilitating the growth of businesses globally. Most organizations have focused on the promotion of the different products and services offered on social networks because of the large number of potential customers available to them. They are also beneficial in the promotion of social relationships among people. Social networks play a significant role in the union of different cultures and races hence promoting social relationships in society. Lastly, social networks facilitate the spreading of significant news all over the globe, as people have an opportunity to get first hand news. 

Social Networks Analysis. Custom Social Networks Analysis Essay Writing Service || Social Networks Analysis Essay samples, help

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