Internet Promotes Homosexuality


Same sex marriage refers to marriage between persons of the same biological sex. Homosexual are individuals who experience sexual attraction exclusively to individuals of the same sex. Homosexuality refers to an individual’s sense of social and personal identity based on such attractions. Internet sites can do a lot to promote homosexuality. Some websites are developed by people who support homosexuality. These websites have a variety of audience ranging from children as young as eight years. The audience comprises of people who are homosexuals and also people who are not homosexuals but they support the rights of homosexuals.

There are other websites that do oppose homosexuality. The internet promotes homosexuality through some websites and also opposes it through other websites. It only depends on who has developed the specific website. Many homosexuals are already committed in same sex relationships.

Internet provides a good space for resistance to homosexuality. Church leaders and other individuals who do not support homosexuality use the internet to present their resistance. Internet is also used by governments to control the content that the citizens may be able to access. This is accomplished through censorship of homosexual content. The internet may also be used to increase and promote homosexuality. There are many websites developed which promote homosexuality. These websites voice the opinion of homosexuals and those supporting it.

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Homosexual term is used to refer to gays for male, and lesbian for females. However, the term gay is often used to refer to male and female homosexuals. Homosexual behaviors have been condemned by a number of countries in the world. However, there are countries that support homosexual relationships and acts. Research indicates that 2 to 10 percent of people have experienced same-sex sexual acts at some time in their lives. In 2006, a survey conducted indicates that 20 percent of respondents have had some kind of same-sex sexual attraction. However, only about 3 percent identified themselves as being homosexuals. Homosexual behaviors have also been observed in other non-human species.

The Malaysian government blocked many porn websites and websites that support homosexuality. In Malaysia, it is very difficult to access sexual information. Malaysian government has been supporting the anti-gay agenda and this has led to many homosexual websites being blocked. Homosexuality has posed a huge problem in the Malaysian education system. The government has even come up with certain characteristics that should help teachers identify homosexual students. This includes V-neck T-shirts and sleeveless clothes for boys. It has also identified lesbians as women who are attracted to other women, women who eat, sleep, and hang out with other women and feel no attraction towards men.

Homosexual has been declared as illegal in Malaysia. The government of Malaysia describes it as being against the order of nature. Malaysian government also censored the lyrics to the song “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. The Malaysian government argues that the lyrics promotes acceptance of homosexuality. In her lyrics, the line "No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I'm on the right track, baby", openly promotes the acceptance of homosexual acts which is against the customs of the Malaysian people. In the censored version of the lyrics, the line is scrambled into gibberish.

Internet may promote homosexuality by supporting homosexuals and trying to make them understand they were created that way by God. The Gay Youth Can Be Helped Online is a website that seeks to make the homosexual individual realize that they are not alone. The website seeks to make the youths who have same-sex sexual attraction to accept the way they are.

Some schools owned by churches have blocked arguing that the students are exposed to pornography and contents that promote homosexuality through such sites. promotes homosexuality because it presents to the youths a lot of homosexual content that makes them feel that it is okay to be a homosexual.

News about homosexuality is posted in many websites. Depending on who has posted the information, the website may be promoting or discouraging homosexuality. The internet promotes homosexuality by giving individual opportunities to post their homosexual ideas in the internet. There are websites where only homosexuals are allowed to sign up. When they sign up, they get to meet other homosexuals. Such websites include It Gets Better.

Some governments have enacted laws that make it hard for citizens to access websites that support homosexuals. This has discouraged such citizens from being homosexuals. The content that youths access from the internet teaches them a lot. Some youths may feel some attraction towards members of the same sex, since they are afraid to tell their parents or ask their friends, they decide to go online and search for information. The online interaction is suitable for such situations since it uphold the anonymity of the individual. The individual will then find other people who are experiencing the same feelings. This is a good example of how internet can promote homosexuality.

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Hollywood discourages homosexual by portraying characters that are homosexuals as having complicated lifestyles and sometimes retarded. On the other hand, Hollywood portrays people who are heterosexual as being normal and healthy. This discourages youths who may be experiencing same-sex sexual attraction.

Most homosexual youths are denied the opportunity to understand themselves. The numerous censorships across the world leave homosexual youths in the darkness. They do not understand why they are attracted to same-sex partners.

America is a free country that promotes homosexuality and homophobic websites. America has started supporting homosexuality by custom and law. The United States promotes homosexuality by custom by having events such as the Gay Pride Day, Gay Day at Disney land, and Gay Awareness month. Other events such as the Southern Decadence in New Orleans and Gay Day at sporting events also promote homosexuality. There are gay clubs in high school and colleges in America.

Since the year 2000, many countries have allowed same sex individuals to get married. Bills supporting same sex marriages have been proposed, some have already been passed while others are waiting to be passed. Eleven countries have already legalized same sex marriages. Some countries which have legalized same sex marriage include: Argentina, Belgium, South Africa, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, and Spain. Also parts of Brazil, United States, and Mexico have also legalized same sex marriage. The rights of homosexuals are widely diverse issue in European countries. Eight countries out of the eleven countries that have legalized same sex marriage are in Europe. Other fourteen countries in Europe have legalized other forms of recognition of same sex couples such as civil unions. Homosexual has been legal since 1858 in Turkey.

There are numerous websites that support same sex marriages, they include: this websites posits that everyone has a right to be respected for they are. The Home Depot also supports homosexuality by donating financial aids to facilitate public open displays of homosexual activism on major cities and main streets in America. The Home Depot has participated in many gay festivals and parades.

The Lesbian Gay Foundation is a registered charity. It fights for and supports the lesbian, gay and bisexuals. The Lesbian, gay foundation is concerned with ending homophobia in the society and empowering people so that they may accept homosexuals and same sex marriages. It brings awareness to the society about the need to accept homosexuals.

The Courage Apostle Community website is a website that is concerned with educating individuals who may feel attracted to members of same sex. It is a catholic community aimed at taking the homosexuals through a journey of discovering themselves.

Logo TV channel, is a digital cable TV channel. Logo TV is owned by the Viacom Media Networks and Logo Group. The TV channel was started in 2005. Most of the programs in Logo TV are geared towards homosexuals. These programs support the (LGTB) Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, and Bisexual community. Pink Media Group is another media group that support same sex marriages.

There are also other organizations that do not support the same-sex marriage. An example of such organizations would be the American Family Association (AFA). AFA do not also support pornography, and abortion.

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Culture plays a very major role in determining the internet effects in a society. Some cultures that believe in Christian faith discourage the use of internet in a manner that may encourage homosexuality. Other religious cultures such as Islamic also do not allow the believers to exploit the full potential of the internet. People in such societies may not be able to exercise their right to gay society. They cannot voice their opinions whether to support the gay community or to discourage it since they are not given the opportunity to interact with such websites in the first place.

The internet promotes homosexuality. This is why, countries that do not support homosexuality and do not want to legalize it are forced to censor some internet contents or block some websites. Countries that have enacted laws that encourage same-sex sexual relationship usually do not censor any content. It is also evident in these countries that no websites are censored.


No one chooses to have same sex attraction. However the society should realize that same sex attraction is not in accordance with the nature. It is clear that same-sex attraction is a disorder just like other medical disorders. It is not the fault of an individual to have same sex attraction. Biologically, mutation helps to advance species and produce off-springs that are better than the parents. In such cases, such development is encouraged. Homosexual is a weakness and though it is not anybody’s fault, it should be discourage and homosexuals should be encouraged to take up heterosexual relationships even if their bodies desires are different. Homosexuality should be treated as a disorder and individuals should seek medical attention. If they indeed were created to be homosexuals as some critics argue, then why do they have the capability of reproducing? Homosexuals are forced to adopt children while they themselves have healthy reproductive organs. In the Bible and Quran, homosexuality is discouraged. Human beings learn to love. Research shows that most gay men have older brothers than sisters. This is why these men learn to love other men. If a child is brought up being taught that he/she can practice sexual acts with animals, then, such a child may develop sexual attraction towards such animals. Therefore, the government should regulate the content that the society can access from the internet. The society should recognize homosexuality as a disorder that requires medical attention since it is not natural.

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