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Counter-terrorism entails a myriad of practices, actions, tactics, and techniques that militaries, governments, corporations, and police departments adopt while dealing with imputed and real terrorist attacks. All these measures aim at preventing any terrorist activity from happening hence ensuring that citizens and the borders of the country are safeguarded effectively. Therefore, counter-terrorism activities present the relevant authorities the opportunity to respond to terrorist attacks immediately in order to reduce the vulnerability of the target areas. The Department of Defense has an immense support for the current counter-terrorism activities. The Department of Defense argues that individuals ought to be protected in order to ensure that the country remains strong in its realization of key objectives. The Department has taken a strong position in support of the entire issue as it aims at ensuring that strategic economic units are protected and the country is in a better position to continue with its growth strategies. Crelinsten (2009) asserts that according to the Department, terrorist activities are likely to bring about adverse effects, which could be unpreventable in future. Therefore, it is significant for the borders of the country to be protected and ensure that the goals of the country are attained as required. The clandestine activities involved in counter-terrorism include interception of communication lines, capture of the terrorists, and attack on the key areas occupied by terrorists hence killing and interrogation of some individuals captured in the process of counter-terrorist activities.

One of the key arguments for counter-terrorist activities is the protection of citizens from external aggression. It must be noted that terrorism is one of the worst acts of external aggression. It has the capacity to lead to enormous losses of population hence making it hard for effective activities to be conducted within the country. Human life and security are significant for any country. Those in support argue that the Department of Defense has to represent the government adequately in its efforts to protect its citizens. Those in support of the entire issue assert that the Constitution enables the government to protect its citizens and ensure that the entire country is safeguarded adequately. With counter-terrorist activities, the country will be in a better position to sustain its populations and ensure harmonious living among its citizens. Security would be the only way to ensure that the country exists in accordance with its vision and mission.

Another key argument in support of counter-terrorism activities is the need to protect the economy of the country. Terrorists target the key economic pillars of the country and have the ability to bring the country to its knees at any particular point. The destruction of core businesses and other economic centers will lead to the fall of the country. Those in support of these activities assert that it is reasonable to incur large amounts of money in the protection of the economy because the price paid for destruction is extremely high. It is difficult to build the economy in a single day. Thus, the country should protect the economy effectively as this will play a significant role in boosting faster growth. Ganor (2007) asserts that terrorists will always target the key areas that are perceived to promote the economic growth of the country. Thus, it would only be relevant for the Department of Defense to engage in these harsh activities and secure the economy of the country. Economic growth is paramount in case the country wants to achieve most of its goals and support its key projects across the globe.

On the other hand, those against counter-terrorist activities argue that these activities are against the human rights. Most of the actions involved in counter-terrorism are against the conventional rights on human beings. They are conducted in a manner that does not follow the set human rights hence contravening the agreed human rights all over the globe. They involve the use of force, which is against the policy of human rights. Those against counter-terrorist activities argue that there is no mercy in the conduction of the activities. These operations should be conducted with some level of dignity in the respect of human beings. These activities involve the use of force in dealing with these individuals as if they were not humans. The techniques used in dealing with terrorists are brutal and do not put into consideration the dignity of human beings. The Department of Defense could have considered other effective measures of dealing with such individuals. This could have ensured that there are no brutal deaths among these individuals. They could have taken effective measures to ensure that there is arrest and imprisonment of such individuals in order to ensure that they reveal significant information relating to their groups.

Another argument against the counter-terrorism activities is that it is expensive. Those against these arguments argue that counter-terror activities involve high of costs, which are provided by taxpayers. The huge sums of money are involved in the maintenance of military activities. Taxpayers’ money has been dedicated to sustaining military operations. Those against counter-terror activities reckon that the excessive amount of money involved in the maintenance of such activities could have been used in other significant ways. They could have been used in the development of other core areas of the economy. The immense amount of money involved in the conduction of these activities could be used to improve the welfare of citizens. According to Trask & Glennon (2008), the huge amount of money used by the Department of Defense are regarded as a waste and could lead to the suffering among individuals due to the lack of vital needs. Therefore, it would be effective for the government and the Department of Defense to reconsider the use of the money that is principally dedicated to operations.

In conclusion, it is vital for the Department of Defense to ensure that the entire country is secure. The Department is responsible for promoting the security of individuals and the entire country. It should be noted that security is the way to success for any country. The key activities include the destruction of communication lines, capture and torture of terrorists, and direct attack on the key areas that terrorists occupy. Those in support of these activities argue that it would be vital to protect the lives of individuals. The economy will also be in the best position to grow exponentially in cases where there are no terrorist attacks. On the other hand, counter-terrorist activities are costly and involve the use of large amount of taxpayers’ money. This money could have been used for other vital activities that are helpful to citizens and the entire economy. In addition, the activities are conducted in an inhuman way due to brutalities that are associated with it. Therefore, the Department of Defense should carry on its activities to protect the country, citizens, and the economy.

Department of Defense. Custom Department of Defense Essay Writing Service || Department of Defense Essay samples, help

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