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Peter Vosar and others should attempt to respond to the negative reactions towards the composition of the new Executive Committee. The response should be urgent in order to avert continuous misunderstandings within the organization. They should say that everyone would always have his chance to be at the helm of the organization’s Executive Committee. In fact, the process of selecting a Chief Executive Officer is always transparent, and Peter Vosar had been chosen transparently. More so, they should say that unnecessary negative attitudes towards the Committee would retard the Company’s vision and mission due to continued squabbles. This should be said to all the members that hold negative attitudes towards the Committee. Sucher & Corsi (2010) assert that members, who hold negative attitudes, such as Linda Cook, should be told these words through an organized crisis meeting meant to solve the crisis within the Company. Those holding negative attitudes towards the new Executive Committee must be informed formally of the meeting that would be held and should be requested to confirm their attendance. They should then be addressed in a convincing and understanding manner that would be aimed at winning their confidence. This would help them to remember that the organization is significant compared to personal interests.

Several goals should be set for the effect of the restructuring on the composition of Shell’s managerial workforce. Firstly, they should set goals relating to the increased profitability of the Company. They should clearly state that the restructuring of the Company’s management is aimed at ensuring that there is a continuous increase in the profitability of the firm hence improving its ranking in the oil industry. Secondly, they should set goals relating to the minimization of costs. The restructuring of the Company should be aimed at ensuring that the operating costs are adequately cut down and efficiency is attained. Lastly, they should set the effective communication goal that aims at restructuring the management in order to speed up the communication process in the organization. Curran (2011) asserts that an organization is able to perform effectively only in case there are efficient channels of communication linking different individuals within the organization. The communication goal would ensure that there is an adequate feedback meant to correct any mistake occurring within the organization and its employees. All these goals would ensure that the restructured management performs effectively and achieves the targets of the organization.

Thousands of managers at the different levels of the organization would be reviewed through a thorough process of vetting. Effective vetting is the only means that would enable the Company to determine the kind of managers that should leave the organization and those that should remain. The vetting process should narrow down and investigate the performance of the managers over the years, their integrity, academic credentials and interpersonal relationships. Those managers, which would be found to be performers in the generation of profits and in the creation of good image of the Company would remain, while non-performers would have to leave. Furthermore, those with high levels of integrity would be retained, and those with established corrupt cases would be forced to leave the organization. Managers who uphold most of the desirable characteristics that favor the competitiveness of the Company should be retained as this would ensure that there is the continued efficiency within the organization. Duties and other vital components of the organization would be run in a smooth manner as some of the obstacles to effective operations are eliminated. Therefore, an effective vetting process is the key means that would be used to determine those to be retained within the organization and those who have to leave immediately.

The key pro of using diversity and inclusion targets to manage workforce composition during restructuring is that it gives everyone within a society an equal chance to be represented in the management. It is ethical to consider all groups that exist within a society in order to ensure that there is an understandability within that society. Lewis (2011) indicates that equal opportunities, which are presented through diversity and inclusion, would ensure that organizations are managed efficiently. Another advantage of the diversity and inclusion is that they promote transparency and accountability within the organization, hence efficient management of resources within the organization. Accountability would eliminate any doubts relating to the mismanagement of the key resources of the organization, hence building high levels of the confidence and understandability. On the other hand, diversity and inclusion could lead to underperformance within the restructured management because some of the individuals who are not experienced in the field of the management may be picked upon due to the need to fulfill the requirements. This may lead to the reduction in the profitability of the entire Company.

Assuming the roughly comparable capabilities, candidates from the targeted groups must be preferred even in the process of reducing the size of the management. The preference of the targeted groups could be attributed to the need of promoting equality within the organization. It would ensure that all individuals within the organization are represented effectively within the new composition of the management, hence promotion of efficiency. They would employ the different capabilities that they posses in the process of ensuring that the organization operates at its required capacity. The preference of these individuals would ensure that there is the improved communication within the organization due to the understandability and trust that would be built within the organization by them. Therefore, the organization would operate effectively in cases where the targeted groups are selected in the restructuring of the management.

Global Diversity and Inclusion. Custom Global Diversity and Inclusion Essay Writing Service || Global Diversity and Inclusion Essay samples, help

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