Poverty Problem

Poverty is a state where individuals do not have access to necessary resources such as housing, food, and clothing due to lack of money. Immense suffering and poor living standards among individuals characterize it, as they cannot access necessary resources. Most societies perceive poverty as an undesirable event that should not be allowed to dominate society. Governments and other authorities have contributed to high levels of poverty in the entire world through poor planning. This means that most governments have put more emphasis on activities that are not tailored at addressing the welfare of citizens. Thus, most governments have played an instrumental role in leading to the rising cases of poverty that are reported all over the world. Steps have also been taken to address poverty and ensure people that standards of living among individuals are boosted. With poverty, most countries are denied developmental opportunities and hence the need to address the problem urgently. Remedial measures such as the development of agriculture in dry areas have been implemented with the aim of alleviating high levels of poverty.

This essay explicates the fact that mental illness, stress, suicide, family issues, and substance abuse are a result of poverty.

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Mental illness refers to a psychological condition that principally identified the behavior of individuals. Most individuals in society have suffered mental illnesses due to abject poverty that makes life difficult for such individuals. Poverty changes the manner in which individuals reason, perceive, and act in the community. The hardships brought about by poverty affect the manner in which people reason and perceive different situations. An individual is likely to develop a retarded manner of acting towards different situations. Poverty subjects individuals to situations where they have to engage in difficult thoughts that torment their minds. Most of the poor individuals would be seen to be talking loudly to themselves, what is not common among other individuals. The difficulty of accessing vital resources is unbearable among individuals. Individuals tend to develop moods and depression that dominate their minds. With these negative moods and depression, such individuals are not in a position to reason well leading to gradual development of mental illnesses. There is also lack of optimism about the future prospects of evading property. The loss of hope is the onset of mental illnesses. People tend to engage in negative thoughts which lead to gradual development of mental problems as they lose hope about the future. In addition, some extremely poor individuals feel as rejects in the community and this disturbs their minds largely (Ferrell and Coyle 127). People develop mental illnesses, as they cannot bare the tag of the lowest social class in a large community. Mental illnesses also occur in situations, where an individual is not able to settle most of his bills due to poverty.

Stress refers to the feelings that occur among individuals as they react to different situations. Poverty is a negative situation and it leads to the development of negative feelings among individuals. Stress emanates from instances where an individual is not able to provide effectively for himself and his family due to poverty. In such a situation, one is likely to be subjected to immense stress as he thinks of the means and sources of providing for his family. The lack of housing and clothing due to poverty leads to stress among individuals. Individuals would engage in thoughts pertaining to their next move in terms of residence, hence leading to high levels of stress. The perception that one is inferior to other individuals due to poverty is also stressful. Intense poverty leads to the development of the thoughts relating to one’s position in society. One is likely to undermine himself and ultimately develop the inferiority complex that is stressful itself. The shortage of money due to poverty leads to the development of stress among individuals. The lack of money limits one’s access to vital resources such as food and other needs that are essential for effective living (Walsh 176). Money shortage leads to stress relating to the acquisition of money and the sources that could provide this money. Thus, poverty plays an instrumental part in contributing to high levels of stress among individuals as they struggle to cope with difficult living conditions.

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Suicide refers to the act of taking away one’s own life. Many suicide cases that have been blamed on the harsh effects of poverty. Most of individuals engaged in suicidal actions are always aimed at running away from the problems caused by poverty. They perceive death as the only solution to their poverty problems instead of witnessing the real situation while alive. Poverty leads to suicide due to many cases in society. An individual who lacks adequate money to take care of his family would commit suicide in order to escape responsibilities. Poverty makes it difficult for most people to provide essential resources for their families, hence motivating suicidal actions. The growing financial problems among individuals make life unmanageable and the only means of solving such problems is the commission of suicide. This has increased the number of deaths among individuals in society. The feeling of being the lowest ranked individual in the society is also annoying among most individuals. Poor people develop inferiority complex to their rich counter parts. They do not feel recognized and appreciated in society, hence gaining the motivation to commit suicide. Poverty makes most individuals develop the feeling that they are always hated by the rest in society. This is unbearable among poor individuals and they solve the problem through suicide (Mooney 160). Suicidal actions brought about by poverty are principally caused by continued constraints that individuals are subjected to in their daily activities.

Family issues refer to the misunderstanding that occurs in most families. Poverty has been one of the principal contributors to the disintegration of most families in society. It has led to a higher rate of misunderstanding between couple, hence increasing the level of domestic conflicts. The lack of money due to poverty has been one of the core contributors to family issues. The lack of money makes it difficult for parents to provide for their families. They end up pointing fingers at each other due to the failure to provide for each other. There would be increased arguments pertaining to the lack of responsibility on one of the parents. Thus, the peace of the family is ruined due to the lack of adequate funds to cater for the needs of the family. Families are not also able to stay in peace in cases where they do not have access to all their requirements. There would be many arguments and disintegration. The failure to meet different classes of bills makes it difficult for families to remain together. Most of them end up separating due to continuous misunderstandings.

Poverty has pushed most individuals into substance abuse. Most people involved in substance abuse blame it on the biting levels of poverty. They engage in substance abuse with the belief that they would be able to forget their sufferings. Substance abuse is perceived to make individuals lead a stress-free life, as they tend to forget the poverty that they face. Poverty has also resulted in excessive idleness among individuals, hence motivating people to engage in substance abuse. Substance abusers do not have anything to do with their lives due to the high levels of poverty and their only source of consolation is to indulge in substance abuse. Most individuals have been pushed into substance abuse by poverty due to the lack of hope for the future. They feel that poverty would rule their lives forever and the only way to overcome it is to indulge in substance abuse (Ruxton and Oxfam 201). Poverty has made most individuals to engage into the abuse of drugs in order to overcome inferior feelings and other feelings of rejection.

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In conclusion, poverty is an undesirable happening in the lives of most individuals. It has played an instrumental role in leading to many actions that are not desirable in society. It leads to suicide, family issues, substance abuse, mental illness, and stress. Poverty destroys the entire community, because people are not able to able to access necessary resources in their lives. The lack of money is the key component of the poverty that is witnessed in most areas. The lack of money limits access to vital resources that would be needed by individuals in their daily lives hence leading to the aforementioned problems in society. Most governments have played an instrumental role in leading to poverty. Most of them have engaged in poor planning, making it difficult for poverty to be tackled effectively. This has led to immense suffering among people and the need to look for alternatives among individuals. The negative alternatives pursued by different individuals have forced most governments to respond by putting in place effective remedial actions. Poverty continues to be a menace facing the entire world and has resulted in many undesirable actions that need to be addressed.

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