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A relationship between people of the same gender is what is commonly known as homosexuality. Lesbians and gay persons have long campaigned for their rights famously known as gay rights or LGBT rights (Jonathan, 1985). The aim of forming this movement is to fight for equality of gay people and those who are HIV-positive. The group had also worked hard to liberate the community as a whole from sexual oppression (Stephen, 1995). The movement has implemented a unique policy that perceives gay, bisexual or transgender people as a rigid set of people that form a marginalized cluster. In the early 1970s, gay rights advocates argued that the sexual orientation of an individual does not reflect their gender. This meant that one could desire a person of the same sex without any insinuation. Sweden was the first country in the world to legalize homosexuality initially branding it as an illness.

Various individuals and organizations who claim that legalizing the same sex marriage will encourage polygamy, which is unhealthy, oppose the gay rights movements. These are mostly republicans glued to their conservative ways and rules. They also base their point of view on the argument that both parents should raise children (Simpson, 2007). The protection of equal rights for homosexuals by the democrats in the US has not been received well in most countries in the world. For example, the US foreign policy activities have provoked anger from African nations painting it as hateful across the continent. The president of the United States has instructed the officials in various governments to uphold and promote the gay people rights, lesbian, and transgender people all over the world (James, 2010). He went on and offered asylum to gay people that had fled persecution in their countries. 

The Secretary of the United States Hillary Clinton said that gay rights are human rights and that homosexual and transgender people is a main challenge facing them. She went on and said that beating and killing of people is a violation of human rights. She urged governments to declare the activity as legal and those who cause physical harm to gays should not go scot-free (Lanngbehn, 1968). These are the opinions expressed by the democrats as they claim to uphold human rights. Apart from getting support from the US president and secretary general, gay rights movements organized efforts to end the criminalization of homosexuality and protect civil rights. Laws protecting this group from discrimination have also been endorsed. The democrats forced the majority of these laws into working. This has put the American corporations under intense pressure to offer same sex partners of employees’ medical benefits.

Former president of the US Mr. George W. Bush has called for constitutional amendments to ban same sex marriage. This can be taken as an effort by the republicans to put away the gay rights. Laws relating to homosexuality vary widely since some nations especially from the western region approve of it while others that are non-western are against it. In America, the majority of citizens with 53% approvals are in support of gay marriage and 45% disapprove it (Kight, 2003). Same sex marriage is, therefore, legal in six states. In African countries, and especially Uganda, homosexuality is a taboo. Gay risks 14 years in jail and Amnesty International have reported random arrests and a torture of suspects. A Nigerian columnist wrote that the US gay rights policy would incite a diplomatic confrontation between Washington and African countries.

Alfred Kinsey, an author, announced that around 2-3 % of men and 2% of women are homosexual or bisexual. Recognition of gay marriage is recognition of civil rights, social, moral, political, and religious matter in most nations. People who support same sex marriage argue that denying couples legal access to marriage represents discrimination based on sexual orientation (Simpson, 2007). The supporters also say that children brought up by the same sex parents benefit from a legally recognized union in their upbringing.


Gay rights movement started with an aim of protecting individuals who are homosexuals. In America, it is a battle between the democrats and the republicans but the democrats are currently winning it. The majority of citizens especially in African countries have disapproved the act of homosexuality. The main reason for this is that Africans are conservative in nature when the matters concerning traditions are put on the line. Western nations have embraced the act, the majority of them, especially the top government officials, are in support of it.

Researches carried out have proved that homosexuality has been present since the day of the ancestors and it will continue to be among us. It is, therefore, necessary to note that the act will remain despite the intervention of political and religious sectors.

Pro Gay Rights. Custom Pro Gay Rights Essay Writing Service || Pro Gay Rights Essay samples, help

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