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It is said that old is gold. This is a saying that has embraced all communities since time immemorial. Due to the inability of the elderly to do what they were doing during the younger age, they do require attention of the social workers. Social workers are those who have given themselves to the good of the society. They ensure that the aged in the society are well taken care of as much as possible. This comes in terms of service provision and other aspects. To make their work easy and efficient, there are policy guidelines that have been formulated.

In the case at hand, Juan who is the case manager at the local Area Agency on Aging finds out that Mr. Anderson has lost some weight. His investigation finds out that the concerned feeding program could not reach him due to the fact that the road to Mr. Anderson’s place is outside their service area. That makes the social workers unable to feed him. This leads to him loosing weight. It is obvious that Juan was in a dilemma on what to do.

According to the Codes of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers (2003), the main aim of the social work profession is to enhance human and to ensure that the basic needs of the vulnerable are met. In this case we are dealing with the elderly. The policies of the Area Agency on Aging were therefore supposed to enable Mr. Anderson to be independent. He is deprived of an essential service due to the policy in place.

Finally, if I were Juan, first I would ensure that Anderson received the feeding services as soon as possible. I would then use my position to ensure that the policy was amended to allow him get requirements in time. He is independent. Other means would be availed to make food reach such a place efficiently. This would help to achieve the general social work mission.

Policy Social Work. Custom Policy Social Work Essay Writing Service || Policy Social Work Essay samples, help

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