Denver Division

According to the Denver Division (2011), Denver police department has employed other people in addition to the police officers such as detectives, administrators, dispatchers as well as record keepers. For instance, detectives and administrators work closely with the Denver sheriff department to help in solving crimes that take place within multiple jurisdictions. That close relationship has enabled them to share important information concerning ongoing crimes within the surrounding communities, thus, enhancing the effectiveness of the Denver police department. In addition, the FBI, Denver Division has conducted community outreach programs, where students from the adjacent communities are trained both in class and practically on firearms demonstrations, practical problems on how to collect and preserve physical evidence, as well as the operations and structure of an FBI office in the field.

Denver city has also been sending its FBI and special agents to schools and civic meetings to provide knowledge on the emerging crimes and security threats, as well as offering advice on what people should do to prevent them from being victims of such crimes. Besides, the FBI, Denver Division has been encouraging the neighboring communities to come forward to give information on crimes, and also to testify in court against criminals. An article that appeared on 9News.Com on 21 October, 2011, reported that Denver city has spent about $365,000 on security since the commencement of Occupy Denver demonstrations. This shows just how the city is committed to providing security to its people (Denver, 2011).

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I give Denver City a rating of 9/10 on its efforts to curb crime within the city and its neighborhoods. From the above crime prevention programs and measures, it is evident that the city is committed to controlling its biggest problem; crime. The efforts being made by Denver city are aimed at providing security to its people, including their properties. Interference by politicians is however a big hindrance to the city of Denver in its efforts to stamp out crime in that city, especially where, influential people (drug dealers) are involved. This has hampered fair administration of justice.

The Denver through its police department and FBI are committed to curbing crimes from Denver and its surroundings. However, with continued interference from external forces such as politicians, nothing much will be achieved. Therefore, the Denver police department should be left to function independently, without outside interference. Only then will they be able to function properly and effectively.

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