The Immigration to the U.S.

Immigration to the United States was the most challenging international experience I have had so far in my life. I came right after graduating high-school. My father invited me for a visit and allowed me to stay with his second family for the first six months. After that, I had a choice to either return to Russia or live on my own in the U.S. It was a very tough decision for me at that time, as I understood how difficult and lonely it would be at the beginning.  But as I saw more and better opportunities here, I decided to stay despite my fears and lack of further support. This was my first big independent decision, when I was the one weighting all the costs and benefits. My mother tried to convince me to return, so I can live comfortably under her protection. Desire to accomplish my goals on my own motivated me even more to stay in the U.S. and work towards success and independence. I left father’s house at seventeen and a half with little money and no place to go. Father’s attitude made me stronger, as it pushed me to accept challenges, rely on my abilities, and strive for financial and emotional freedom. I managed to deal with many obstacles, including lack of language skills, financial hardship, and separation from my family and friends. I learned to value and appreciate all the good things happening to me and blame no one for unfortunate outcomes.

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There are many talented and amazing individuals, who contributed to human progress and well-being, but I dearly admire Coco Chanel. She represents one of the most influential entrepreneurs of the twentieth century. Although her account of multiple affairs, drug abuse and alienation with Nazi may undermine her character, she deserves all the credit for moving fashion in a new direction. She possessed many necessary traits, including passion, determination and faith, which enabled her to succeed in realm of fashion. Having very humble origins, she turned into one of the wealthiest women of her time. What amazes me the most is that she had vision for her designs and overcame many obstacles on her way. Being a mistress of influential men, she chose to strive for her own independence and was courageous to use patronage to organize her own business. Her desire for independence developed into passion for making hats. That was the beginning of Chanel, which later grew into haute couture. Her innovative and creative approaches to female fashion unveiled into new styles for women. She was not afraid to step away from traditional norms in design and took risk to introduce new concepts and material in her suits and dresses. Risk-taking and lack of prejudice allowed Chanel to set new standards in fashion. She introduced simplicity, comfort and lightness. As Coco overcame many obstacles and showed tremendous determination and willpower towards achieving her goals, I think she deserves admiration for her entrepreneurial abilities.

I accomplished three major things in my life, but the most significant achievement relates to my profession. I got in the field of ultrasonography at a very young age. I chose to get training in ultrasound to become financially independent. When I finished program, I had difficulties finding a job due to lack of experience. To compensate for lack of skills, I registered with American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, a well-respected organization in the field. In a period of two years, I passed six exams and got certified in three major specialties: Abdomen, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Vascular Structures. I was one of the youngest Certified Vascular Technologist in the field. Studying for exams significantly improved my knowledge of pathology and physiology. Also, I got a position in a respectable diagnostic company, which contracted with large hospitals and diagnostic centers. At the beginning, I worked sixty to seventy hours a week, including night shifts and calls to acquire necessary skills. I was motivated to work any shift to become the best I can in what I do. It paid off later as I got an opportunity to work at a center, where my skills are highly valuable. Growing in my current profession, I learned to work hard, stay motivated, perform under pressure and strive for the best. I also learned that becoming a professional in any line of work requires dedication, effort and willpower. Through this experience, I realized that I have a potential and drive to succeed in my future endeavors.

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