Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world; it holds 30million people and occupies individuals of about seventy percent who are termed to be illiterate. This is because the country is facing; inner wounds of war, hopelessness, suffering and prevalent of despair. The average of Afghanistan people the seventeen years old, meaning that they grow up in such environment that is not suitable and is dangerous for their upbringing. This means they have to go through the experience of witnessing bitterness, cruelty and war against each other. These kinds of experiences traumatizes the younger generation and also forces them to adopt the worse kind of rearing, children under the age of eighteen suffer from malnutrition since there is lack of food and a descent living leading to deadly diseases and also death. However, life is very simple and tough whereby less people are not able to attend school or get any form of education leading to illiteracy (Rothstein, 44).

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Conversely, life is very simple and tough whereby less people are not able to attend school or get any form of education leading to illiteracy. On the other hand, there is hope and future for the coming generation in Afghanistan; this is because all is not lost. There can also be solutions to deal with such problems and trying to make a better tomorrow for the coming and existing generation. However, the coming generation should be advised in areas of education and technology so that they can avoid being involved in wars and terrorism which may lead to more suffering and disaster. There is need for the developed countries such as the US to try and help those people living in agony and thus train people to change their welfare and emulate the developing countries through adapting skills not for wars but for developing their own country (Baker, 21).

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