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Many factors put golfers from many parts of the world at risk (Richmond, 2007). The first group of risks that are encountered by golfers is caused by environmental conditions. This group of risk is addressed differently as the only way to ensure golfers’ safety. The second group of risks that are typical of golf is caused by the way how the game is played. A characteristic feature of golf is that this game is played with hard metallic clubs that are used to drive a golf ball. In addition, a golf ball is not soft and can cause injuries or even death if it hits somebody. Thirdly, in a tropical country, rich flora and fauna can pose potential risks to golfers. For example, there are animals that can make golfers experience undesirable effects. Malaysian golfers run all the risks mentioned above.

Other minor issues that affect Malaysian golfers are heavy downpours and strong sunshine. However, these factors have insignificant effects on golfers, since most of them are acclimatized to these conditions (Barkway & Halim, 2001).

These risks among others have warranted the reaction from various stakeholders in Malaysia. This has been done to ensure that golfers and caddies are well aware and informed about various risks, as well as how to avoid them. Various stakeholders have not hesitated to act and ensure that relevant information is availed to everybody.

This effort can be seen as various clubs take more steadfast steps in ensuring that golfers are taught proper golf etiquette. Golf etiquette is very useful and can help in ensuring that the well-being of golfers is enhanced. Active participation of golfers in getting aware of various issues affecting their safety will also go a long way in ensuring their safety in the future.

The Malaysian ministry of human resource has a department that has oversight authority over safety of workers in various sectors of the Malaysian economy. This department is referred to as the DOSH, which is the Department of Occupational Safety and Health. The role of this department is to ensure health, welfare, as well as safety of people and that they are protected from various hazards arising during various processes. Diverse sectors that are regulated by the DOSH include manufacturing, mining and quarrying, hotels and restaurant, and construction among others.

For this government agency to carry out its mandate effectively, it has been given legislative as well as administrative powers for the purpose of effectively catering for all the issues of occupational safety, as well as health of employees in the whole country. This is done with a view to leading Malaysia to achieve safe and healthy work ethics and culture. As a result, this will be highly instrumental in leading the nation towards the achievement of more productive risk-free working environment.

As it has been mentioned above, the top policy of the DOSH is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees. The management and employees of this organization work together to achieve this overriding goal. The DOSH has been effectively achieving this through discussing and negotiating the issue with various parties and sometimes through cooperation.

The aims of this government agency are to introduce and maintain workplaces with working systems that are safe and healthy and to ensure that relevant information in the form of training and supervision concerning safe ways of carrying out their duties is provided. This department also investigates all dangers, threats, accident, and diseases and oversees that adequate steps are taken to avoid their future occurrence.

Another aim of the DOSH is to ensure that all parties in all sectors of economy comply with the requirements of the Occupation and Health Safety Act of 1994 and regulate the approved code of practice. Lastly, the DOSH aims to provide necessary welfare facilities for workers and revise them with a view to improving these policies at any time, which is necessary. The DOSH works in order to ensure that working culture promotes occupational safety for all people; proper working culture should be internalized and used in day-to-day life of society.

Department of Safety and Health. Custom Department of Safety and Health Essay Writing Service || Department of Safety and Health Essay samples, help

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