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The Oprah Winfrey show is a celebrated live audience television program that prominently features female domain topics. In essence, the host of the television, who is Oprah Winfrey, presents critical and analytical perspectives of the differences existing in terms of gender roles shared by men and women in society. The audience in Oprah Winfrey shows is predominantly women who have undergone or are currently undergoing female related struggles in a male dominated setting.  In this sense, the shows fundamentally aims at elevating the diminished status of the woman in society by providing focusing on negative experiences and turning them into motivational messages for the women. This way she seeks to put emphasis on the achievements of the woman amid daily struggles to overcome the existing patriarchal system.

Oprah characteristically chooses the topics of her choices on issues affecting women For instance, majority of the topics put emphasis on rape incidents that have happened on victims, prostitution, and the beauty aspects of a woman. During the shows invited guests give testimonies of their encounters or experiences in a rather plain, vocal, and emotional manner, which further brings out the feminine component of the show. In order to achieve this Oprah makes sure the guests are ready to reveal their stories before the live television audience. Moreover, Oprah sensitizes women on the essence of beauty through pursuance of contemporary approaches, which include science and technology. For example, through a typical shows focusing on cosmetic surgery and its contribution to beauty of the woman. Another aspect of the Oprah Winfrey is the sensitization of the woman’s degraded economic potential. Here she aims at showing the world that woman can also occupy strategic careers that are predominantly considered as the man’s docket. This she achieves by featuring in her shows career related topics and inviting leading women economically. The show therefore achieves its role of strengthening and streamlining female gender roles in a modern day society.

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