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In this episode, Frankenstein receives terrible news that his little brother was murdered during the might on the mountains while playing hide and seek with his brother, Ernest, by the very creature Frankenstein had created. Henry is concerned over his friend’s state and proceeds to make an inquiry over the state of events during which Frankenstein responds, “My dear little brother, William, has been murdered, strangled on the mountain...” (Shelley & Francis 12).

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Frankenstein is happy to be joined by one of his long time friends, Henry Clerval who has just reported for his studies. Henry immediately notices the pale and dull look on Frankenstein’s face. Henry is eager to come to Frankenstein’s house yet he is worried that the creature might create havoc and could potentially harm Henry without his knowing what it was in real sense. He momentarily objects, “Would that terrible creature still be alive?” (Shelley & Francis 11). This creates a feeling of something wrong about to happen in their midst, which Henry seems not to notice. The very mention of the brother’s death by Frankenstein provokes mixed feelings of remorse and revenge as Frankenstein seeks to find a solution to his tribulations. This prods him to want to go straight away to his native home to establish the exact reason that led to occurrence of the said event. He objects, “...He was playing hide and seek with Ernest” (Shelley & Francis 12). After which Henry expresses his disappointment filled with remorse, a matter that sparks Frankenstein’s anger for revenge almost at the very instance. This is seen when Henry mentions, “Poor William...dear lovely child! He now sleeps with his angle mother. What are you going to do, Victor?” (Shelley & Francis 12). This very question makes Henry go out almost in fury and outburst. He sharply remarks, “Order the horses. I told him. I shall go to Geneva at once” (Shelley & Francis 12). Frankenstein indeed finally makes a decision to go home judging from the manner in which he responds to his promise.

Frankenstein briefly recounts of the moment during which visits Geneva to go and trace the whereabouts of the ghost creature and have a feel of what his brother went through, all in an act of vengeance and revenge for the misdeeds of the creature he created in the laboratory. He recounts, “As I came to my home, I decided to stop at the place where William had died. Lighting streaked around the top of the mountains and a storm broke out. Thunder crushed my head. Suddenly, in a flash of lighting, I saw a giant figure near the trees. It was hideous and deformed. My teeth chattered and I shivered violently. I was the creature I had brought to life. I watched it climb to the mountain and disappear” (Shelley & Francis 12). This makes Frankenstein to go out almost in anguish and he stays around the mountain in despair hoping to find this creature and bring it down. He acknowledges the fact that, this so called ‘murderer’ cannot be arrested when he confides to Henry who appears to be certain that the issue will be handled in the hands of the law enforcement. The events following this death further lead to the sentencing to death and execution of the potential suspect, Justine, the younger brother (Shelley & Francis 14). The creature finally emerges and confronts Frankenstein and to his astonishment it communicates verbally. His feelings for the creature cool down his anger to a feeling of remorse and he finally understands the reason that led to the creature acting the way it did.

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