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Bill White for Governor. Custom Bill White for Governor Essay Writing Service || Bill White for Governor Essay samples, help

Bill White for Governor
Bill White is currently among the main Texas candidates running for the Governor's seat. San Antonio was his place of birth. The candidate attended Harvard on a scholarship in economics. He also studied law at Texas University at Austin. White joined Clinton administration in 1993 as a Deputy secretary of Energy. He was also a chairman of the Texas Democratic Party at the time and has been a mayor of Houston since January 2004 to January 2010.His background has various elements and qualities that can make him particularly a strong candidate for a Governor. First of all, he is a supporter of open government and civic access. White has sensible ideas about how to deal with Texas threatening budget shortfall of $20-plus billion and he is ready to make the tough decisions that will have to be made. He has verified that he knows how to solve disasters. He proved this during his six years leadership as a mayor of Houston after Hurricane Katrina as he was able to accommodate around 200,000 evacuees. This showed that he is a manager who does not only set the track that has become a representation for such crises but also well-known, accumulated   and in some cases forced  the people who could make red tape vanish so that the countless barriers to the huge transition could be overcome (Jones, pp 423).The mayor has sound economic qualifications which are perhaps expressed by his distinguished skills in energy which is one of the state's important industries. He is a ex- U.S   energy deputy secretary that owned an oil company which was successful. Therefore he would be an effective winner for both the traditional oil and gas sector and the rising renewable energy sector.
White has an obligation to an improved economic future for the Texans that are yet to be born. This has been emphasized in his campaign where he insists the need for educational advancement that will make Texas more aggressive in the international economy. To enable that to happen, he has promised that he would hit the state's shocking dropout crisis by taking care of it as an urgent situation when students do refuse to go back to school. As a Houston mayor, he formed a program in which thousands of people, him and his wife included paid visits to young people's homes and were able to encourage almost 9,000 of them to return to school. The mayor also has an extraordinary degree of   competence which can qualify him as a strong Governor. He describes himself as a workhorse and not a show horse (Jones, 422).Bill White has different positions on various issues. Among the issues is jobs and economy on which he claims that getting the state's financial system back on track requires economic revival for common Texas families.  In order to make the state more viable in a global economy, he promises to work on lasting resolutions.  He would therefore revive Texas' job growth which is very important to the state's economy (Jones, 427).He promises that he would also attract jobs with a future because he is an earlier businessman and he knows the cost of meeting a payroll and make tough selections. He sees the need as a Governor to magnetize new businesses to the state, permit small businesses to develop and ensure an experienced workforce through education and job training (Maxwell, 235).
On the same issue he promises to work on stopping the squeeze on savings created by insurance rates.  He claims he will do this do this by selecting appointees who will serve Texans and will be a focus a competitive group of organizations offering more competitive pace. White also focuses on investing in critical transportation and other infrastructure by facilitating local transportation results that promote economic growth and respect personal property. Using tax dollars for enticements more wisely is also among Bill's obligations and he promises to work on it.Another issue is Education which is the most significant industry of the state as the savings made in students now will establish the economic future for the state. Bill promises to improve professional and technical education through working with school districts, neighborhood colleges and employers. He will also develop pre-K programs that are applicable, let tutors teach problem-solving abilities, writing and logic instead of teaching how to make a lowest score on an annual high-stakes multiple choice exams. He also intends to make college education more affordable for Texans (Maxwell, 231).White's stand on gay marriages is quite contracting. He claims the need for traditional marriage between a man and a woman an on the other hand he supports it. On the immigration issue he promises to effectively fight hard for the central resources required to protect the state's borders against gangs, drug and human traffickers without disturbing legal daily trade and travel. On the health care issue, his stand and position is to boost the number of covered Texans, reducing the healthcare costs for families and supporting firm, community based medical practices and clinics as the foundation of health care delivery. He also sees the need for Texans to pay taxes. He feels Texas needs to start collecting taxes for internet sales (Maxwell, 232).White has considered his ethics and morals plan by revealing on his own connections. For example he knows some things about tearing up public proceedings and appointing top donors to handle the assignments. On the state budget deficit issue Bill White accuses the fellow candidate Rick Perry of hiding from an anticipated $18 billion budget deficit for the state. He personally promises to be providing all the updates of the state's financial condition if he is elected as a governor (Maxwell, 233).The candidates can however be contrasted in different manners as each of them has his own character and campaign tactics that opposes the other's.  For instance, they are referring to each other as a liar due to Bill White's position on cap and trade something White himself denies that he has never promoted. Texans therefore may in a way find it hard to judge the right candidate for the Governor who is more honest, reliable and dependable.

Bill White for Governor. Custom Bill White for Governor Essay Writing Service || Bill White for Governor Essay samples, help

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