War in Iraq

The War started on March 20th, 2003, it was a military war whereby military troops led by the United States and the United Kingdom invaded Iraq. George W. Bush and Tony Blair was the prudent and Prime Minister of the United States and the United Kingdom respectively. The major cause of the war was that the governments of the United States and United Kingdom felt threatened by the Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (Downing, 2008). The two governments asserted that the weapons were a threat to their security and that of their neighbors. However, the war in Iraq did not take place instantly; there had been plans by the United States to attach Iraq in order to take control of the rich oil country. This paper will discuss the reasons as to why the Iraq war was not justified.The United States government during the reign of President George W. Bush was the leader of the Iraq War. Although it is formally known by many Americans that the war started in March 2003, the planning for the war had started twelve years ago. Since the end of the Gulf Slaughter in 1991, the united state and the UK had been planning to wage war against Iraq. The main aim for the war was for the two powerful countries to use their resources and destroy Iraq in order to gain access to Iraq and take control of its war. The economic sanctions that were imposed on Iraq led to the death of many innocent people. One such outcome of the sanctions was the stop of the supply of many medicals goods because of the vetoes that the United States had with the United Nations Security Council. Another dangerous impact was the effects of the uranium that was left over from the Gulf Slaughter in 1991. All these effects combined resulted to a massive death, above one million people died and of these, two third were innocent children. The figure would not have been that high were it not for the policy of the United States (Downing, 2008).President George W. Bush had shown a lot of interest in the oil Middle East. The start point for attacking the Middle East countries could not be established. On September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attached by terrorist resulting to the death of over three thousand people. On few hours after the attack, President Bush administration had started to blame the Al-Qaeda and its leaders Osama bin Laden (Pitt & Ritter, 2005). Following this attack, Bush administration declared the war against terrorism. President Bush considered this as an opportunity to penetrate the rich oil Middle East region. America's greed for the oil was manifested by how the pentagon responded to the September 11 attack; the pentagon made an instant move to implement its plan to raid a bomb attack on Afghanistan and whose already plan action was to take control of the oil pipeline which ran from Turkmenistan to Pakistan.

A year after the attack of the World Trade, America started new propagandas that Iraq was behind the attack. In fact, immediately after the attack, very few Americans suspected Iraq as a suspect but in September 2002, America had spread the propaganda and had convinced more than 50 percent to believe that Iraq was aware of the attack. The aim of the propaganda was to seek support from the people on why Iraq was to be attacked. The media played a major role in spreading the propaganda linking Saddam Hussein and the September 11 attack; by mid-2003, 70 percent of the Americans believed that Iraq was an enemy of the United States. President Bush administration organized army troops to go to Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein who was believed as possessing dangerous weapons that were intended to hit America for a second time. However, all these were propagandas since in September 2003, months after the war had started, President Bush agreed that there was no evidence that linked Saddam with the September 11 attack (Rai, 2005).

President Bush was not satisfied with the reports of the United Nations which claimed that Iraq did not have the so called 'weapons of mass destruction'. The Americans propagandas were supported with false evidence and untrue information. For instance, the US secretary of State, Colin Powell claimed that there was the existence of a poison factory in Northern Iraq. In addition, other propagandas were supported by forged document that indicated that Iraq had purchased uranium from Niger (Rai, 2005). All these pieces of evidence were confirmed not to be true. This war had hidden motives from the Bush family or the leadership in United States. Considering the solidarity in the whole world, this should not have happened and the US and UK should have been stopped from invading Iraq. There is need also to note that the security should not been messed with even if you are the super power.The Iraq were was not worth at all and resulted form greed. America with the support of the United Kingdom was interested with the oil in the Middle East. The only way that America would take control of the oil was by attacking Iraq for reasons that were uncalled for. The propagandas formulated by the American government were discovered to be false information to convince the international community that America was doing the right thing by protecting the world from dangerous attack by Iraq.

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