Pennsylvanias 3rd District Congressional Race

Kathy Dahlkemper is the republican representative who seems to lack a political base, besting seven-term serving Phil English in 2008 in Pennsylvania's 3rd House District. Due to inability to sail through, English missed an exceedingly tight race that could have ended this year. She faces Mike Kelly during the re-election of candidates. This places her in the most vulnerable seats in Pennsylvania. The district includes Erie, Crawford, Warren, Verango, Butler, Mercer, and Armstrong counties and the city of Erie (International, 2010).Kathy Dahlkemper has no previous political experience but she was elected in 2008 to represent the district. She is the owner of Landscape Architects & Contractors. Mike Kelly is a renowned politician who is a board member in many Butler County committees. He is the chairman of the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Butler, vice head of the panel for the Maridon Museum, and an associate of the Butler City Council. Professionally, he owns Kelly Chevrolet-Cadillac Inc. He is the chairman of the Hyundai Eastern Region Dealer council and the vice head of the Hyundai dealers. This sets a big difference between the two contestants since Kelly is famous and entrenched in economic affairs and is in leadership positions than Kathy who does not hold any other leadership position (frcaction, 2010).Kathy seeks to address the issue of security. She wishes to address the She'd like to provide more security to the dairy and grape industry so they are less at economic risk. She strongly believes that agriculture is the backbone of her district's economy. She aims at providing the broadband access in the agricultural sector to aid better communication. She also wants to maintain the beauty of Lake Erie in order to provide water that is of quality for tourism and agriculture at the regional level. She is also a pro- lifer who wishes to ensure that expectant women are supported as a way of supporting life. She seems eager to stay connected to her district as shown in a part in her site. She can be termed as an inferior party and not a part of the Washington establishment since she was voted in with no previous record. She stands a chance to lose since in this district, republicans are famous and it appears as a tradition to vote them in. she therefore has assigned some substantial amount of money for campaign purposes (mikekellyforcongress, 2010).

Kelly on the other hand, seems not to support privatization of social security and has it that democrats endanger social security due to extravagance. In his site he strongly opposes the increment in retirement age. He also aims at finding the solutions to abuse and frauds in the system of Medicare. Kelly is also worried on the declining number of medical attendants in the district. He is a humanist who respects life and is ready to fight against it since he strongly opposes abortion. He a member of the National Rifle Association and this shows that he is committed to solving problems associated with misuse and possession of weapons.

Kelly has good grounds of unseating Kathy since the political wind is against the democrats recently. Due to economic hardships that have encountered this district, its citizens may be ready for change. It therefore seems that Kathy is at risk considering the population and the earlier records of voting.The two contestants owe many differences. Kathy points out that the region has lost many jobs and claims that she is trying to work through the federal policy with business and industry for larger support. She also claims to be a member of the reinvestment aspect which has helped the area to bring broadband assistance. According to her, job growth will come as a result of tax incentives for jobs that are stable. Kelly aims at fighting the high rate of taxes against job creators and working families. He is against Wall Street's bailouts and believes that the Obama governance and the congress have wastefully spent the public money and terms this as generational theft.  Kelly is in support of an energy economy, since Pennsylvania has vastness of minerals and hence it should lead in energy. He stresses solar, natural gas, clean coal, water, oil and nuclear as some solutions. Dahlkemper proposes use of wind, and fossil fuels. She wants to arrive at reduction of use of energy by increasing building efficiency.Kathy outlines the reforms she wishes in the health sector in her videos and how these reforms will impact the lives of the citizens of her district. She put it that the current health care systems cannot be sustained and therefore, she suggests that through improvement in communication and better prevention can be created by better pieces of reform bill. In the bill, she also provides the young adults with access to health care. Kelly on the other hand is against the current bill saying that is only caters for the government sector but does not address the problems in the health care sector. He argues that once in power he would abolish it, bring back $500 billion in Medicare cuts and will stand for market-driven answers to manage expenses and offer affordable health services to the citizens (Dahlkemper, 2010).

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