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Differences between Arab Nationalism and Political Islam. Custom Differences between Arab Nationalism and Political Islam Essay Writing Service || Differences between Arab Nationalism and Political Islam Essay samples, help

Arab national can be loosely be defined as a nationalist ideology designated for the purpose of accepting and acknowledging the achievements and glories of Arab civilization, language, culture and economy. Its core premise is that the common people of the Arab World, ranging from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Sea, compose one nation joined together by universal linguistic, intellectual, religious, and past heritage, One of the principal aims of Arab nationalism is the end of Western authority in the Arab World, seen as a "archenemy" of Arab potency, and the elimination of those Arab regimes considered to be reliant upon Western influence.It rose to eminence with the weakening and rout of the (non-Arab) Ottoman Empire in the near the beginning 20th century. Personalities and groups allied with Arab nationalism include former Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Arab Nationalist Movement, Libyan president Muammar al-Gaddafi, the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party which came to power in Syria among others. On the other hand political Islam is denoted or defined as a set of distinct ideologies that are believed to hold the Islam together not only on aspect of religion but also as a political scheme or a system, therefore, the bottom line in regard to political Islam is that, Muslims must go back to their roots and unite as a religion and as a political force. Diverse studies present political Islamism on varied platforms; there those who view its tenets as less restrictive while on the other hand there those who claim it to be a way of life (Ayub 489).It is instrumental to assert that, between Arab nationalism and political Islam, there exist a clandestine variation, this can be linked to the fact hat, and those who fight for Arab nationalism are more pragmatic and are more tolerant and more open to speak their minds freely. It is instrumental to observe these variations in regard to such groups as Hamas in Mideast,as well the thoughts presented by Muslim hardliners in some part of the Arab world and in particular Iran and Egypt. Thus, the principal difference between Arab nationalism and political Islam revolves around the ideological convictions, whileas, political Islam is based on the aspect of religion, and Arab nationalism is anchored within the precipice of strong geopolitical umbrella within the Arab world.

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All in all, political Islam is viewed as though controversial, not just because it hypothesizes a political role for Islam, but also because its proponents consider their views simply reflect Islam in total. However, due to the ideological disparities between the two, there has been tension between those who fight for Arab nationalism and those who fight for political Islam. Political Islam has seen the raise of Hamas and Hezibora, in Lebanon and Palestine, while the proponents of Arab nationalism such as the republic of Iran have defied all odds and supported the cause of pan Arabic world by supporting specific groups which are engaged in fighting western interest. Therefore, in the eye of Arab nationalist, the Arab nation had existed as a historical entity prior to the coming of nationalism in the early 19th-20th century (Ayub 489). Hence, the nationalist states that, the Arab nation was formed as gradual development of Arabic as a common language which the people employed in the course of their lives. Arab nationalism symbolizes the "Arabs' awareness of their specific distinctiveness as well as their attempt to build a new state proficient in representing the general will of the people and all their constituent parts.

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Differences between Arab Nationalism and Political Islam. Custom Differences between Arab Nationalism and Political Islam Essay Writing Service || Differences between Arab Nationalism and Political Islam Essay samples, help

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