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Positive or Negative Act. Custom Positive or Negative Act Essay Writing Service || Positive or Negative Act Essay samples, help

Positive or Negative Act
Following discussions of America's secretary of state with his France's counterpart, the minister of foreign affairs, the president instructed the Secretary (Mr. Kellog Briand) to draft a binding agreement for the nations of the world. Kellog's draft had two principle articles. Article one proposed that the signatories highly condemn the option of war in the bid to resolve international disputes. In effect, the agreement was tailored towards avoiding another world war as the nations of the world had been adversely affected by it whether directly or indirectly.  Article two proposed that the signatories that were faced with any manner of conflict with another country will only use pacific means to resolve their differences (Ferrell, 1952).Results of the treaty
The 1928 proposal was targeting the civilized nations urging them to take heed to their conscience.  It set precedence for a new wave of international law that is meaningful, helpful and full of fresh ideas for world relations. For instance, the Kellog-Braind pact influenced the creation of the "General Act for the Pacific Settlement of International" (Ferrell, 1952).in Geneva which was also aimed at the peaceful resolution of international conflict. The best way to gauge the impact the proposal ha had is in noting the good number of signatories that it has attracted over time.  There are at least thirty one signatory nations to the treaty at present. These thirty one nations have deposited in Washington the instruments that guarantee their allegiance to the contents of the treaty.The enthusiastic support of the pact by many nations unfortunately didn't translate into the desired international world order. Beginning with the initial fifteen signatories and eventual growth of the number to almost every country, the proposal left the member countries with a board room approach to resolving conflict. However, it is worth noting that the effects were not realized immediately.
Analysts believe that the reason for this is that the main reason for this is the fact that the treaty had no enforcement mechanisms imbibed in it. It was originally thought to be just but a pious yet toothless watch dog. Maybe that is one of the reasons that the treaty didn't helping in averting the looming war that eventually broke out in the 1940s (Ferrell, 1952).But there were some notable good results of the pact. For instance, the pact helped in resolving the USSR-China conflict (Jacobson, 1994). The two nations were in contention as to who should possess Eastern Chinese territory.  This was a potentially catastrophic conflict that would have led to war.At the time of signing the agreement, it was widely thought that the pact would result in noticeable long term effects in the social and political environment of the nations of the world. Global peace would at last be realized with the nations reaching amicable solutions using the guidelines that Braind pact had set. Perhaps this explains why Kellogg received the noble peace prize award in 1929. But when the Second World War broke out in the mid 1940s, it was quickly realized that the pact was not a lasting solution to the outlawing of war.

Positive or Negative Act. Custom Positive or Negative Act Essay Writing Service || Positive or Negative Act Essay samples, help

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