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American Congress, Politics and Democracy
The American congress as a term which would be the overview discussion of this essay is referred to as the meticulous legislature meeting. The time duration which the congress covers is two years, the current congress which is the 111th in the United State first assembly was on January 6, 2009. A member of congress in either house is usually a legislator, however, this representative are in speech only termed as congressman, congresswoman or congressperson. This is because the term senator is universally used. The United State congress is the federal government bicameral legislature which encompasses the house of the representative and the senate, and the meeting is hosted in the United States capital Washington D.C.Direct nomination is the method which the representative and senators of the congress are derived chosen. There are 435 House of Representative members whom mandate over the districts and serves only two year term. Through population among the states the house seat are apportioned. Each and every state regardless of the size and population is represented by two senators. Thus there are a hundred senators in the United State as there are fifty states, their tenure in office runs for six years.Congress as a Representative BodyAlthough there has been various questions poised to recommend the appropriateness of the actual representation provided by the congress as the main representative body in the United State as many have lost faith on this facets. Experts and scholars have exemplified that historically the main emphasis and mission of congress mainly gravitate toward maintenance of freedom. This is also meticulously designed to be the force behind the American government acceleration and also the perfect resilient institution. The heart and soul of the American democracy is centered on the congress. This is the accelerating engine which moves and transforms not only America both nearly the whole world as they are the super power.The legislators are the driving force behind all the reactive force of this resilient institution. However they are not recognized with prestige like the president or the Supreme Court justices. They remain in the shadow and background as ghost of the American historical imagination. However, their role has been the catalyst that has help shape and amends major crucial government policies. All in all congress represents the nation and they are like mirror which reflects the strength and weakness. They also do represent as a representing body ethnicity, religious and racial diversity, professional multitude, regional idiosyncrasies and war and war values opinion. In the government this is also the most recognized representative body and is essentially in charge of reconciling all the major issues concerned with public policy which may arise on daily basis. In short the congress represents the people and the problem which usually arise in the daily existence of the population of this great nation.          Congress as not a Representative Body
However, the basis of the congress being a representative body which mandate to serving and protecting the population of the United State, through amending policies which are concerned with the welfare of the native of this region. This has been abused to the point that only certain class of the society namely the political elite and the economically stable of the upper class living. These groups with social status are the only person legible in these states the benefits which are documented to be aligned with congress as a representative body. Common man or a person of a low social status will only lament of the congress and their policies are for the upper class population. From the policies to the majority of the amendment being pursued usually addresses the grievances of upper class population.The minority grievances are usually given little or less acknowledgement the best example is when the Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, up to now some of the families there have never been fully facilitated with proper housing projects. This shows how the congress as a representing body fails to administer the proper action when addressing issues which are affecting the lower class population. Another has been documented from the election fraud which are orchestrated in majority of African American populated states where the total turn out usually exceed the computed number. Another is how Arab nationality of this nation is treated with content when there are terror threats. This shows that the congress instead of protecting they are oppressing the minority which it is their mandate to protect and serve to comfort-ability.           Power ImbalancesThe power imbalance in the United State has been due to recent influx in the congress. This has been because of the power struggle which arises from the two parties in this nation, the West and South American states gained house seats in accordance with demographical changes which were mostly influenced by the rich and the elite. The census recorded that there were less representation of the minorities and women however, the congress articulated that both of this factions were adequately represented. The power imbalances have caused a huge rift in making decision which facilitates the need of the minority and women in most of the governmental projects.The congress official usually attempt to serve diverse purposes and the result usually overlaps the mandates which are the requirement of their roles in government. This extension of authority result to power abuse and later resolves to the minority being oppressed, their national and local interest being not overshadowed by other less national and local mandates. The dual obligation which the congress attempt to cover on keeping the needs of the entire nation and also the need of elite wishes usually outlay the power imbalances. This is even extended to the factors which affect the smooth living of the citizens of this nation in diverse ways; this usually leaves them dissatisfied with the congress as the body representative.      Frauds in Elections and CampaignsSome of the fraud which have been documented and mostly criticized is the frauds which are executed during campaigns. One of the major issues which have been subject to many scholarly and local debates is the electoral fraud which was committed under president bush administration. In American history there has never been a fragrant corrupt election like the 2004 election. There was racial discrimination in most of the African American states where the total voter's outcome ousted the recorded voter's numbers. The partisan and racial dismissal of the majority of the states which are represented by African American as spoiled, there was also illegal lock down of the Warren County tallying station which generated ground for fraud feigning terrorist attack.
Western Ohio sates also experienced some fraud cases on the 2004 election on which president bush was declared winner. Here ghost voting was rampant as electronic voting tabulation fraud was executed in the high scale. Parenti articulates that the 2004 election was the most documented election which was full of fraud scandals. Powerful corporations through manipulation of voting technology to stage election results,Bush administration is said to have dictated the terms which corporation would support with the fiscal fundraisers for the presidential campaign. This powerful tyranny would later dictate how voting result would favor. This was seen that coming the following election that the two parties would soon become one party tyranny. From the documented voting ration the population is said to have increased by 14.7% as there were numbers of voter's increment which was bias. During the count of the election Bush leading margin increased from 42.24% and shot to 44.87% after count of Clermont County. This county population from the recorded election voting increased literary by 4.98% all this being ghost voters. Butler County also recorded a total increment of 3.34% of the ghost voters. In overall the bush administration won the election with a 12.67% of the total margin which was from the ghost voters.           Social and Cultural StructureThe congress has painted the image of the United State to that of pluralistic and democratic society has been argued more ideological than accurate. The congress does not actually translate into democratic pluralism in the political life. This is because there are limited political processes which are accessed through to the great population of the United State. Power distribution among the ranks of social and cultural structures is not well balanced and this provides rooms for impunity. However, the concentration of power distribution usually is detailed and gravitates toward political elite and all corporate moneyed interest, this influence is experience in major main stream institution and all areas of policies allocation. This belief is lodged on the fact that power resources is highly concerned with social structure itself, institution, socials established roles, culture and the ruling element mostly preserve their foremost position not only through raw economic power but through perceived cultural hegemony.              Class and Class SupremacyThe role of class in the society especially the classless or the minority in the United State, is usually defined as class being the demographic trait status quo, edification, income level and lifestyle which affects social interrelationship. This has been noted that the rich cannot dominate if there are no poor peasants or low social status to dominate. Thus this concur that if there are no powerful feudal lords without serfs, as so is there no corporation boss without taskforce. However, this interrelationship is usually asymmetrical and only centralizes on the society organized wealth. The class relationship which exist between productive resources such as agriculture, natural resources, technology and land; usually the dominant group is the one which usually dominate and control over this economic resource. The lower social class only had the labor as their tool of trade and had little or no say according major issues even those which concern them. Thus this offered room for dominance of the dominant money class in the society and the congress has also embraced this system in order of executing major policies.  Political RacismHistorically the political atmosphere universally has been actualized as being racial affiliated. This is usually considered to be more than an attitudinal issue. In Europe racism germinated from imperialism and slavery and this element are rampant in the United State. Through this interventions then those who were under this affliction are still rendered to be inferior and sub human. Political racial in the United State serves to the ruling interest on various functions such as: division of the corporate class among each other develops an exploited class of people who are subjected to scale wages and this also distract white population and provides assumed scapegoat through scrupulous means of minority population.The atmosphere in the United State concerning democracy has been filled with turbulence and shift which threatens the liberal democratic values in respect of pluralism, separation power acceptance and opposition parties rights recognition. This political condition has left America with no or little democracy. Congress has been the number one institution which has been bending rules due to representative's reprisal coming election years with little fear. The population is knowledgeable however due to advancement of technology and attempt to capture the best position in life the population are ignorant and lack knowledge of this fact. Religion and mortality has taken over democratic concern as the guiding principles as the population are losing faith on the congress and political parties. Racial discrimination and radical from of elitism are the factors which are to be blamed and the population should stop concentrating on these facts and adhere to taking seriously political matters. The political elite and wealthy corporations are running American to their own gain without considering lower class but how they can rack in some cash from these factors.              Socialist like Che Guevara articulated that "Democracy will never sole depend on elections which are fictitious and managed by Professional politicians and rich landowners. However, in America this is the case of democracy where the rich and the political elite dictate the course of democracy in America.In European communities which are fast in spearheading and reconstructing democratic issues, they have embraced strategically propositions which consider all social class in one accord.  Their blue print of change has been effective that the United State should borrow a leaf from these factions, they have instilled models of democracy which allows social class harmonious existence, democracy models which embraces prognosis, diagnosis and remedy to the short coming which may befall this expedition. Through this intervention the governance of major states in Europe are free from impunity and corrupt scandals, the elite and upper class population has the same word concerning governing matters as the lower social class.   The united state being a super power and a nation which if not well monitored will lose that power due to some political elite and congress representative body failure to restructure internally. The political elite have been washing their dirty linen globally and have been subjecting tyranny to majority of Arab states to settle political scores on belief of terrorist attacks. This shows how democracy has eluded the United State congress which is by far the people of this nation representative body. From these aspects the congress has failed to meet the essential basic requirement of the low class or minority population.

American Congress, Politics and Democracy. Custom American Congress, Politics and Democracy Essay Writing Service || American Congress, Politics and Democracy Essay samples, help

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