Political Opportunity

www.twloha.com is the social movement addressed in this paper. Political parties and politicians can take advantage of the huge traffic that is evident in this site. Burners and other publicity apparatus can be used in the halls of meetings that are accessed by members of this movement. This movement is largely visited by people who do business as well as those who are looking for entertainment. Business groups can always be reached via this social movement. Many young people also visit this site in search of concerts and event venues (St Augustine, 2011). Many political opportunities therefore exist in this forum.

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This site can be used by political parties and political individuals. Political parties have often formed groups that can help create awareness. Groups that are formed are later used to register many people who could be having a heart to support the ideologies and party visions. The social movement also has live news coverage and anchoring. Through this mode, politicians can purpose to have live political campaigns aired in the site. Many people in the world can later access the recorded campaign meetings through this social website. The website is further connected to other social websites like facebook.com twitter.com, youtube.com and yahoo.com. Large network of supporters can be available through such connections.

Social movements have been instrumental in spreading information across the global platform. Businesses also enjoyed wide client base as a result of social networks. Politicians also take advantage of this opportunity to spread their policies and agenda to their supporters all over the world (Hutchison, 2007). Diaspora voting has been embraced by many countries in the world as of today. These voters who are spread all over the world can best be reached through social networks. The social network is also linked top other social networks with equally have huge following. This further enhances the capacity of the social network to reach many people across the globe. 

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