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Your Life

Describe a setback you have encountered in your life. Explain how you have handled the situation and what you have learned from it.

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I never thought living with my mother after 12 years of separation could cause suffering. Her dictating irritated me, I didn't comply, and she put more violations on me. The cycle kept continuing. Until one morning our economy crashed deeply all of sudden. I looked at her tiring body, still busy with earning money and paying my tuition,  and I figured that her definition of love is either money or compliance. This is definitely not right, but she wouldn’t be able to survive alone without fighting there. As her daughter, I thought I never had to be stubborn with my mother; I just have to take what she says and how she acts as another way of expression, and it would go easier on both of us. It wasn't easy to put this thought into action, but it did work little by little. There are so many solutions to a single problem. When there’s love in a solution, any problem would be softened.                                      

Describe how you plan to enrich the environment at the LDS Church College/University you hope to attend, and how you will contribute back to your family, community and the Church upon leaving this school.

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Researchers have found that each happy friend one has increases one’s chance of being happy by 9 percent, whereas each unhappy friend decreases one's chances by 7 percent. This shows how influencing one person's attitude can be on those around him. I believe that my positive personality has influenced lot people around me, and will continue to positively influence anyone I will meet in the future. Academically, since I was a math tutor and a reading lab tutor at Bellevue College, I would like to continue my service voluntarily to students who need help at BYU. Other activities, such as participating in church services and school activities are and will always be something I make time for. At the time I decided to apply for BYU, I was fully aware that I would learn a lot about the LDS religion, and I will behave as I am supposed to. In China, religion and conservativeness are the things the society lacks the most. My plan is not only to let my own behavior influence people around me, but also to spread the ideas by talking about them to the locals and encourage them to attend church services immersion in religious environment.

Please share your reasons for seeking admission as a Transfer student -  we invite you specifically to address your intended major or program of study, and your career/life ambitions.

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Finishing my associate degree at Bellevue College allowed me to continue seeking my higher education at a four year college. While Brigham Young University has always been in my dream college list, I realized that it is the time for me to reconsider my major that was assigned by my family. After helping out my aunt with her business accounts, I noticed I wouldn’t want my life to be spent sitting in a cube facing a computer for living. To do something hands on and tangible like taking computer components apart and putting them back together is something what I enjoy doing. Therefore I made my mind to change my major from accounting to engineering. Unlike electrical engineering, civil engineering relates more to the public services. One’s power to affect the world is always small, yet if everyone gives up for this reason, nothing would happen. I want to accomplish something substantial while living a life full of joy and calm. Could this really happen, however, if there were no technology development on the human living environment? I hope I will be able to contribute my part to our technological future.

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