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Currently I am an undergraduate student of University of Wisconsin – Madison. Being very interested in Economics and Education program offered by Columbia University, I would like to get into this program and keep to earn knowledge.

First of all, please allow me to introduce myself. I am a Chinese student, major in economics who has been studying in UW – Madison for five years. The undergraduate program has taken more time, than I have expected.

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Things went very well first two years of the study. I did my best in class and studied hard.  During that time I had girlfriend, who was my first love.  We met in high school and were close friends since then. She was the most beautiful and amazing girl I had ever seen. When school graduation was approaching I was about to enter Bristol University. However, my girlfriend’s parents told me, that she was going to study in the United States. Thus I declined the offer from Bristol University and applied for UW –Madison. 

I went to UW in 2007 spring semester. My girlfriend and I were happy together. Our parents also enjoyed visiting each other. I spent all spear time with her, and started to pay less and less attention to other friends, because I thought having this girl beside m, I had the entire world. After almost 3 years of dating, we married and she became my fiancée. Our parents were very happy and thought we would have bright future. 

But things didn’t go as well, as everyone has expected. We broke up in October of 2009. I lost nearly 40 pounds in one month. I had no idea of what I was going to do for the rest of my life. For all my dreams for future were built with her participation. But she was gone and left me nothing. It seemed that life just hit me in the head with a brick. I lost faith. Next years of study, I was just wasting my time, failing classes and dropping off the semester. I was all about to bring her back, but I couldn’t.

Having turned 23 in 2011, I was finally sober and gone over her. I learned many things during those dark times. This experience was like an awful tasting medicine, which I definitely needed. Because due to it I have understood the true meaning of Nietzsche's phrase “What doesn’t not kill, me makes me stronger”.  It means that having gone through the darkest times one learns and changes, becoming stronger.

My icon is Steve Jobs. Once he said that life is about connecting dots, and I agree with him. Though, one can’t connect the dots looking only forward, one has to look backwards too. Having broken up with my girlfriend, it took me some time to realize that this situation was one of the biggest dots, which had a significant impact on my life. However, not the situation itself, but the conclusions made out of it made me stronger and helped to connect the dots of the past and future. Thus I’m very grateful for having gone through such experience.

This story might seem sad, but it’s not quite so. For I believe that second chance is always given. After all, it’s natural to make mistakes, but it’s even more natural and important to learn from them.  The most important thing is to earn knowledge from mistakes and to keep on going.

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Last week, I was invited by China Merchants Bank to see the performance of piano artist Lang Lang’s in Carnegie hall. It was my third visit to New York, and I began to love this city. New York is a city full of passion and dreams; it’s a place of big opportunities. I hope I can get into the Economics and Education program offered by Columbia University and stay in the wonderful atmosphere of New York.

If it is possible, I would like to have a close conversation with you to explore this program more deeply. It would also help you to know me better. I am looking forward to meeting you.

About Me. Custom About Me Essay Writing Service || About Me Essay samples, help

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