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My dad made me the person I am today. He pushed me to be a better person and to achieve high goals. He encouraged me to work hard in school so as to be a good leader. He guided me through the rough terrains of life.

School was a challenge for me when I was young. I did not alter any word till I was five years, and I was very shy. Kindergarten was difficult for me; I just stared blindly at my homework and did not know what to do. Dad was always there for me, and stayed with me for hours until I learned the alphabet, numbers, and colors. He pushed me to be a better reader by helping me pronounce words correctly and giving me an understanding of what I read. I now have strong effort and study habits to guide me through life’s challenges, all this is because of my dad’s effort. I will graduate in honors because of his support.

He pushes me to be a leader not a follower while carrying out my work day in day out.  He gives me prodigious responsibility of running his complex apartment. I have the duty of knowing where to get the money for maintenance, if the tenants do not pay their rent on time.  There are times when these apartments have some repair like, if a sink is out of order, and I have to think of a way of fixing this problem. It is sometime very challenging however, it may help me in the future to find a solution when I am faced with difficult tasks like these ones. When I am faced with some difficult problems which I am unable to tackle, my dad is always there to help me out.

By his guidance, he allowed me to take part in the National Leadership Forum of Medicine in Houston (NYLF). In NYLF, I learned how hard I have to work to become a doctor and a strong leader. I was able to interact with doctors in many fields. The doctors’ advices helped me to have a passion of becoming a surgeon. I got an interest of visiting hospitals, where I observed patients, doctors, and surgeries. My dad will have helped me a lot if my dream of being a doctor comes true.

I have always looked up to my dad; he inspires me to be better than him so as to help others, and to give more to the community. He is always active in the community. He shows his support by donating and being a part of the city’s committee. Him being my role model, I do volunteer work and show how much I care for my community. I give back to the community by volunteering at the hospital and other places that need help.  As I thought about how he feels and cares about the town, I realized the feeling that comes from giving back to the community

I am the person I am today because of my dad. He is the one who has helped me structure a strong future and allowed me to have many new opportunities in life today. Everything that he taught me has helped me to be a leader in school, and I hope that it will help me to be a leader in the future too.

Dad. Custom Dad Essay Writing Service || Dad Essay samples, help

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