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My Dream Destination

It was almost impossible. I would never imagine that I would have a chance to visit this country. I have always read promotional materials on the country; the promotions were not only captivating, but promised that the country is not only enchanting but also captivating; it is uplifting to the soul, and it will make any person feel that he or she is among the favorites. Therefore, I have always looked forward to any opportunity to visit the country. When I arrived at my dream destination, I was overwhelmed by the abundance of attractions. Mauritius, my dream destination, was a gorgeous sight.

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In this blue turquoise and ashen sandy beach surrounded Island, I was bewildered to learn of the landmark church with a red roof. I was surprised to learn about the extravagant lifestyle of Mauritius nationals and their heritage while there. I remember the spectacular Pamplemonsses Garden that houses the chateau of Pierre Poivre. The species of flora and fauna in the renowned garden date ages back. The island’s countryside is marked by picturesque meadows beautifully fading into the horizon. The joy of sightseeing at Black River George national park was immense. Mauritius is an enthralling, world-in-one-island portion of paradise; a country filled with historic sites, rich in cultural diversity and geographical disparities, and offers limitless activities that offer a distraction from the magnificent pulverize of the beach and pool.   

Though the trip came at an inconvenient time due to financial constraint, I enjoyed every bit. With a pleasant tropical climatic condition, this island is the perfect place to spend one’s holiday. Every visitor is accorded a lifetime experience. In contrast to the multitude of colors and preferences, the country, is established in a turquoise sea, it a sanctuary of peace and serenity. The country is a smooth blend of the past and the present, medieval and modernity, and provides an essential beauty, which compels one to return at every opportune moment.

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