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The nature of the human being can be quite self-deceiving when it comes to realizing its strengths. Most people do not have the necessary ambition or power to try and do something they are sure they can’t do. I have to confess that this has happened to me recently as well, when I was forced to face a rather shameful fact: I was 28 years old and I did not know how to swim.

I have been born and raised in Nepal, in a region that did not have any type water basins I could have learned how to swim in. In other words, my land locked native area did not impose it to me to learn how to swim. However, when I was 26 I took a decision that was going to change my entire life: I moved to the USA.

As expected, life in America is different from that of Nepal. Amongst the social and cultural activities I was taking part in, many were new to me. After two years of living and working in Florida, my professor has given me an assignment which required me to do something I never thought I could. This is when I made up my mind: I had to learn how to swim.

The idea of finally learning how to swim did not come easy. Apart from not needing to learn how to swim in my country, I was also quite afraid of water, which was an additional reason for my lack of interest in any nautical sport. However, the entire purpose of this assignment was to challenge us and to make us see that if we truly want something, we will surely obtain it. We just need to have a strong will and to pursue our dream.

Therefore, in the morning of October the 6th, I headed towards the swimming pool of Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach, the place where I was determined to learn how to swim. This is when the fight with my fears started. I was quite nervous with the thought of learning something that included an element I feared, but I was very lucky. At the Resort I ended up training with the best instructor I could have ever met. She was so professional and determined to make me learn how to swim, that in no more than 2 hours I was able to float over the water and swim for a few meters without even having the impression of sinking. As a result, I came back the following day, on the 7th of October, and practiced some more.

What I have learned from this assignment is that nothing is really impossible, as far as one puts his mind to it and struggles to obtain it. I have always believed that I would never need or want to learn how to swim. It was both the lack of interest I got from my childhood and my water-phobia that kept me from swimming. However, the sole feeling of swimming and knowing that I managed to learn this thanks to my ambition is definitely something that cannot be traded with anything else.

All in all, I have to confess that this assignment has proven itself to be extremely useful. It has made everyone see that there is nothing that cannot be done, as soon as one thinks that he can do it. Therefore, all that needs to be done is to have a bit of faith in your own power and ambition, and everything will be alright. Also, remember that by deciding to do something and actually successfully achieving that, your self-esteem will boost incredibly, making you feel better and more capable for other wonderful and useful things. As a result, I have both conquered my fears and learned something new, which I never thought I could do. What I realized from my attempt of learning how to swim is that I should never sub-estimate myself. So, if in the future years I will find myself in a situation such as this one, I trust I will know to look back and remember that I had once gone over an obstacle and managed to achieve something I thought was unachievable.

Do Something You Can’t. Custom Do Something You Can’t Essay Writing Service || Do Something You Can’t Essay samples, help

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