I Want to Study Social Care

I want to study Social care and Social work/Health because it is a rewarding career and also because I have passion and interest in working with people, addressing social and community issues. My interest in Social Work/Health and Social care comes from my desire to empower people, advocate their rights and help the less fortunate in the society.

 I have had the chance to work as a volunteer with the Age Concern organization as well as the British Red Cross. As such i have enjoyed working with old persons, families and children. This has it roots straight from my home where i did nurse my grandmother till she passed away.

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 Furthermore, I have gained skills like being an active listener which helps me to respond sensitively to people needs and concerns. I also possess counselling skills which enables me assess problem of people and get them appropriate help that would help them regain confidence and sense of life.

Giving good health advice is also a plus I believe I have. I can discharge valuable advice to both the elderly and sickly on how to live healthier longer live. Similarly, am good at giving advice to service user on how to access healthcare and social care.

 In addition, I am a good communicator with good interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Besides English, I have an average level of fluency in the Dutch language thanks to my staying in Belgium before I relocated to the United Kingdom. As such i have happen to play as interpreter to a Dutch patient suffering from Dementia condition at the Age Concern organization.

Besides being hard working, polite and helpful, I also have great organisation skills. This comes from undertaking in organizing health exercise activities in my service as a health volunteer.  I am also able work independently without the need of much supervision in addition to being a good team player.

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As an Access student at Lambeth College, I learned about Sociology and its approaches to the family as a social unit. As such I am well familiar with the three important approaches of sociology - Functionalism, Marxism and Social Constructionist. This helps me in knowing that a functionalist believes that each part of the society has a function and a job to do to make sure that society runs smoothly and everything stays in harmony.

While at Lambeth College I also learn about the development of social work and Poor Law Amendment Acts (1834) which led to the emergence of churches working with children, older person, sick and less privileged in the Victorian age to reform the state’s poverty relief system. I also learn about the changes with more radical approach after the professionalization of social work in (1951) and Victoria Climbe Death in (2000). These give the Social Worker legal power to explore more into family affair with more changes in child protection and adaptation law. The knowledge I have acquired from Lambeth College for my Access course has prepared me adequately for Social Work /Health and Social Care study.

Furthermore, being a mother has given me the ability to manage my time very well while studying and doing my voluntary work, I have learnt to balance my responsibilities and better manage my time in such a way that i fulfil both my work and family obligations.

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Finally, I enjoy reading, travelling, cooking and discovering new cultures. Above all, I find influencing the lives of those in need the most rewarding of all activities.

 A chance to study at the university will give me perfect ground to sharpen both my academic and practical knowhow as pertains to this noble field. It is also my belief the university will offer greater social avenues for contacts and make me even more knowledge in working with people of all ages and diversity. It is this the combination of natural aptitude and passion that will make me a dedicated student at the University, helping me to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming an expert in Social Work/Health and Social care.

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