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The main character in my story is me. It covers an event in my life when I was just getting into my adolescent years. At this point in time I was a very explorative individual. As a result, I loved to experiment with things whenever my parents were not around. This gave me a thrill that I simply could not let go easily.


The conflict in the story arises in the extent of parental control instituted to limit my movements. Every time my parents were away, they made sure they had left us under careful watch of an adult. This was always followed with warning and pieces of advice on how I should carry out myself. This made me feel like a child, and prompted me to explore my fantasies.


The story takes place at our main house. It is December and my parents had gone for holiday in Africa. They leave us under the careful watch of our cousin who this time is not that careful to watch on us. This prompts me to pursue my fantasy: I had always wanted to drive my father’s car even though I was still underage.


I remember times when my parents have warned me severally about my behavior of doing things without his knowledge. In my father’s own words: “do what I tell you or you will live to remember this all your life”. Being a teenager, I always thought that may parent was merely expression his fears about my future. I wish I had taken these valuable lessons as key pillars to guide my life. As a first born, responsibility comes naturally; hence, I always wish that I could have acted differently to avoid getting into problems.

I remember the day very clearly. It was the eve of Christmas last year. During this time, my parents left for holiday in South Africa. Just to take enough precaution, my father requested one of cousins to keep an eye on us. We liked this decision a lot because my cousin was not the type of person to make extreme follow up on us. She trusted us and this explains why she could go for even 2 days believing that we were doing well. I decided to go through my father’s closet looking for the car keys. Alas! I found the keys and quickly rushed down the garage without informing my small brother. I drove the car off and got an accident. As a result, I was hospitalized with shock and head trauma. When my parents came back, I looked like the biggest irresponsible person on earth.

I finished my days of hospitalization. It took more than two weeks for me to recover. During this time, I had enough time to reflect. I though how stupid I was for having inflicted harm on myself. The worst part was cutting my parent’s holiday short and making my cousin look irresponsible. My parents were at first very speechless. I remember my mother crying and asking me: “But why did you do this to us honey?” The embarrassment was so much that at times I felt that I could flee the hospital and never return. To data, I still look at the scar left on my face and I feel so stupid about it. I will live to remember this day for a very long time to come.

The Main Character in My Story is Me. Custom The Main Character in My Story is Me Essay Writing Service || The Main Character in My Story is Me Essay samples, help

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