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The Texas Governor must have a cabinet so that he can share his executive authority with the other executives. This is because, unlike the constituting of other states, the constitution of Texas has been denied the powers that are enjoyed by other Governors. The unique aspect of this constitution is that it enables the governors to be answerable to the public expectations, while having little institutional powers (Texas Politics, para 1). Thus, the powers of the governor can easily be enjoyed if he has a cabinet. The cabinet will ensure that the delegates some of his authorities to ensure that the sufficiently meets the expectations of the people. Of course, the ability to persuade people who are enshrined in the American constitution is easily exposed in the constitution of Texas, which makes the governor to have only symbolic powers as most of the powers are delegated to his juniors.

 The position of the governor is a political office, and any politician is expected to put allies in strategic positions. This signifies that as a politician, the governor has to put other politicians in position of influence and not just executives who assist him in the daily running of affairs of the State (Texas Politics, para 1).

In every organization, whether private or political there must be political directions and the best people to direct this are political leaders. In any case, the political system of Texas is filled with technocrats and it is high time that more politicians can be involved into the decision of the government. It is a known fact that politicians are more aware of the issues that bedevil the common citizens than the technocrats. The technocrats are concerned with policy issues that affect the country. The politicians fall closer to the common people on the ground. The Governor of Texas must have a cabinet.

The Texas Governor. Custom The Texas Governor Essay Writing Service || The Texas Governor Essay samples, help

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