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Chocolate candy bar is among the most marketable products in the market. There are various variants such as vanilla, white chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, soy lecithin and dark chocolate.


Superb customer service is extremely essential in any successful business. Offering of promotions and generous discounts to attract a lot of new customers as much as possible is useless if good etiquette is not offered to customers. A business will never be termed as being successful or expanding unless there are profitable gains. For this reason, good business ethics should be given to customers to attract them to come back again and purchase commodities in the business.

Good customer service entails treating customers in an attractive manner to catch their attention the next time they want to shop. It also involves sending them away in a happy and appreciative mood. This makes the customers leave the business center with positive feedback which they might pass to friends and family, who may come and purchase the same commodity just to prove to them that the services are good, thus they become customers because of the good services offered (Kamdampully, 2004).

High quality or good service is shown by how a businessperson approaches the customer. Under good service, the customer is always served by want him or her demands. The reaction of the waiter to the customer should be faster and appropriate (Kotler & Armstrong, 2008). Daily customers should be given discounts and should be the first priority when offering services. The customer attendant should always be smartly dressed and present good etiquette before the customers. Polite language should be used when addressing a customer. These are various reasons that make a service classified as high quality service.

Studies and research done on the impact of brands on organizations have proven that the successful brands in any market are those which have positive attributes (Phelan & Thompson 2002). Moreover, their managers have gone to extensive lengths to bond with their consumers. According to researchers, today’s brands have become complicated due to the fact that we have brands that own other brands. This may eventually get confusing to the consumer. However, due to the emerging trends in the economy, lifestyles and technology, brands are much more than just mere products, rather, brands nowadays represent an array of possibilities ranging from the people to the country. In this case, chocolate candy bar producers should come up with a brand for their product, they need to understand what the brand is supposed to stand for and the future plans of the corporation.


Chocolate candy bars marketers need to comprehend the importance of proper marketing, and this all starts with the type of packaging a commodity has. Consumers will never buy a product with an ugly package just so that they can experiment with it. This is consumer behavior that has persisted through the years. Consumers tend to judge the quality of a commodity through the type of packaging it has. It is therefore, mandatory for companies to invest in creating packaging that will attract the consumers also keep them as loyal customers. Packaging and labeling are extremely beneficial in the success of a commodity. When deciding on an appropriate packaging design, the organizations must ensure that the packaging represents them in a positive light. The type of packaging provided should be able to serve and will serve the purpose it is intended for without any loss. This shows that packaging is essential since the evolution of man and it has been gradually evolved into what it is today.

er when the fertility rates remain high in developing countries. For example, an average Ugandan woman has seven children. An extraordinarily high fertility rate is largely unchanged for more than thirty years. Half of the population is under the age 15 years old, and will soon move into the childbearing age, when the life expectancy is increasing. Also, almost no women have access to the contraception (Rice, 2006). These factors will lead to a population explosion in the third world countries (mostly African and Asian countries) for a considerable period of time. 

These will force the world’s population to growth. In addition, these are not just happening in Uganda but  across most of sub-Saharan Africa, where the population is expending so quickly due to availability of the healthcare services and sufficient food to feed their soaring populations. Especially, by 2050, the population of Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, Somalia, Niger, Uganda and Timor-Leste are supposed to increase by 150 per cent (“Commission on Population”, 2009). It is also projected that human population in the Asian countries particularly China, Singapore, Bangladesh, India and Indonesia will continue to increase sharply, regardless of the existing population measures put in place by their respective governments. In a sharp contrast, population in the first world countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia and Germany is likely to be on the verge of declination, since there is an increased awareness of the use of contraceptives and the need to control human population in a bid to conserve the environment and natural resources.

In conclusion, the human populations will increase sharply in the next one hundred years due to technological innovations, efficient healthcare systems, high fertility rates in both men and women, and a serious reduction in human death rates. The human population increase will be more pronounced in developing countries in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa compared to developed nations such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Chocolate Candy Bar. Custom Chocolate Candy Bar Essay Writing Service || Chocolate Candy Bar Essay samples, help

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