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America is composed of people from diverse races, tribes and religion. This people blend to form the present America. The existence of this diversity traces back to the days of the slave trade and colonialism. The original inhabitants of the present America were the Red Indians.  The African Americans made their way into America through the slave trade. On the other hand, Mexicans entry to the United States was due to industrialisation that required cheap human labour. The interaction between this people profoundly affects the society both positively and negatively.

New immigrations take place in the America today. This is attributed to the ease in the  modes of transport that allow people to easily access other destinations in the world. The relaxing of some of the immigration rules allow immigrants to move into to the United States. The new immigrants are mainly the technocrats who go ahead to offer skilled labour.

The Mexican immigration was initially sparked by industrialisation of America. Industrialization demanded the existence of cheap labour. Mexicans were readily available to provide this. Most of the Mexican population that provided labour settled in America leading to the growth of the Mexican population in the United States. However, this has changed over time. The immigrations laws make it hard for the Mexicans to easily get access to America. The checkpoints at the American-Mexican border and the laws limit the number of Mexicans currently getting entry to United States.

African Americans mainly found their way to America through the slave trade. The slave trade was aimed at providing labourers to work in settler farms. The African Americans were shipped all the way from Africa to America. Their population has increased over time leading to the presently Black American population in the United States of America.

The existence of the African Americans and Mexicans in the United States of America has both negative and positive effects on society. One of the negative effects of this diversity is segregation. The society deprives members of some races from accessing certain services. This form of discrimination has lead to tension and even division among the populations. Some races are considered more superior to others. This brings about the discrimination of minority groups. Racial lines greatly influence the accessibility of various services such as health care, education. This inequity finds its roots in various institutions and greatly influences the daily lives of the diverse populations in the United States of America. In some instances, racial segregation renders some areas inaccessible to those individuals coming from different races. This often leads to clashes among faction groups of different races.  The second negative effect of the existence of African Americans and Mexicans in the American society is the stereotyping of individuals. The society associates immigrants with all the vices within the society. For instance, the black are associated with crime. The police will target the black population when any form, of crime takes place. On the other hand, the Mexicans are associated with drug trafficking and the society has placed this tag on them. The stereotyping of individuals based on their origin has influenced the fabric of the society in America. There still exists mistrust in the treatment of immigrants.

Diversity has some positive effects to the society. One of the positive effects of this diversity is the presence of various forms of talents and skills. Diversity makes America strong since the population will have different abilities in different fields. America is great nation due to this diversity. Numerous people have excelled in different disciplines, and this makes what America what it is today.

In conclusion, the existence of various immigrants in the United States of America has made it become a civilised nation. Despite the negative effects of diversity, it is evident that if the United States of America practises tolerance it will attain more benefits.

People from Diverse Races. Custom People from Diverse Races Essay Writing Service || People from Diverse Races Essay samples, help

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