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Currently, organizations involve themselves in mechanisms that transform their way of operation in order to be able to deal with the high rates of competition. The process of transformation always involves a strategic, planned method of learning and implementation that finally renews the brand of the company. This paper is a summary of three service-oriented companies that deployed learning as a strategy of changing the image of their company. The researchers used raw data and interviews and concluded that there exists various learning mechanism that change can positively change the image of a company. However, all these mechanisms involve the use of every stakeholder at both the individual level and team level. This approach is more economical than the commonly used methods such as mergers and acquisition of new brands.

The corporate branding strategy by use of organizational learning comprises of two steps that strengthen the organization both within and externally. The first step is towards the transformation of the product’s brand. This involves changing the quality of the product to suit customers’ needs. The second step changes the image of the company. The identity of the company changes after the stakeholders first identify who they are as an organization and what the organization wants others to think of their identity. The company then accesses its current position in both the view of outsiders and its own stakeholders. Upon identification of these details, a rapid step towards the formation of a new image begins in the company.

Mechanisms of the leaning strategy are diverse but fall under general categories of cognitive, structural and procedural learning. Cognitive learning comprises of plans and policies that a company forms to transform its image. This ranges from goals and missions to strategy documents. Structural learning comprises of the infrastructures that the company uses to carry out its services. They include joint agreements, physical infrastructure and technical infrastructure. Procedural learning deals with tools, routines and working systems of the company.

The first case study involved Peilim Company. The company had an urge to improve its image and opted to use the organizational learning strategy. Under cognitive learning, Peilim decided to create a single language of communication within its premises. This initiated a culture that made communication problems a past. The company then shared its information to all departments thus making everyone to be aware of the position of the company. Each member took his own responsibility and authorities in all the internal stakeholders.

The company then made structural changes on its system. This involved replacement of its CEO with a market oriented CEO who led the process management team of transformers. All the four departments of the company took their authorities and duties thus ensuring accountability and communication efficiency. Meetings and presentations ensured a review of operations in case of obstacles.

Procedural strategies involved motivation of performing individuals thus an improvement at individual stage. Stakeholders established an ethical code of conduct thus obligating the employees. Operational manuals along with periodical exams that ensured personnel were well informed and educated in their field.

Upon the conclusion, of this strategy, the company’s image changed, and its profits rose four times higher than the proceeding years. This showed significant success in its strategies.

The second case study involved Fattals Hotels of Israel. The companies learnt that their image was far much below that of their competitors’. They embarked on a learning strategy to improve their image. The first step involved is the improvement on the excellence of the services offered. A culture of openness ensued within stakeholders, and the management made the employees realize that hospitality was all about loving the client and fellow workers. Under structural learning, the management used brainstorming technique. They used the existing ideas to find solutions that could improve their image. Permanent and periodical meetings put every employee on the course of their target. Internal manual works and other structural methods ensured that everything ran as stipulated. Upon completion of the strategy, Fattals Hotels became the biggest hotel in Israel. The same method of learning increased the revenue of El Al Airlines at an annual rate of 15 percent for three years. This is an indication that organizational learning is efficient in improving the image of a company.

Organization Change. Custom Organization Change Essay Writing Service || Organization Change Essay samples, help

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