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Cameron was born on October 12, 1970 in Los Angeles. His parents are Robert Cameron, a retired school teacher, and Barbara Cameron. He is the brother to Bridgette, Melissa, and Candace. His younger sister Candace Cameron Bure is most notable for her role as D.J. Tanner in Full House.He graduated from a public high school at age 17 and graduated with high honors. He is married to an actress Chelsea Noble and they have six children.

He began acting at age nine where he advertised for a breakfast cereal. He starred in the television series Two Marriages at age 10 where he also appeared in various television shows and films. He became famous in 1985 in the television series Growing Pains as Mike Seaver. Chelsea Noble his wife acted as his girlfriend Kate MacDonald in the same series. In 1988 he acted as D.J. Tanner’s (his sister Canace) cousin. He starred in many other films like: Like Father Like Son a comedy, Listen to me done in 1989. He worked together with his wife Chelsea in the creation of the series Kirk where he played as Kirk Hartman. He left main steam film for some time but later came back in 2000 in The Growing Pains Movie and Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers in 2004. He also works with Christian-themed productions in movies like Left Behind: The Movie, Left Behind II: Tribulation Force, and Left Behind: World at War where he plays as Cameron "Buck" Williams. Kirk has also worked with Cloud Ten Pictures in the production of the movie The Miracle of the Cards. He has worked with Sherwood Pictures in the production of the drama film Fireproof that was the highest grossing independent film of 2008.

Cameron is a born again Christian and an evangelist. This has greatly influenced the kind of work that he produces for instance he insisted that anything too adult or racey be stripped off from Growing Pains. He is working with Ray Comfort also an evangelist and they are the founders of the ministry; The way of the Master that trains people in Christian evangelism. The ministry has a TV show with Cameron as the Host and a radio show called The Way of the Master Radio that was replaced with Wretched Radio. Cameron and his wife Chelsea are also the founders The Firefly Foundation that runs a camp for terminally ill children and their families.

Cameron’s greatest works have shown that he is tactful enough to look at both sides of issues and tries his best to bring about reconciliation. He works well with people in relationships and most of his works in literature looks deeply on spiritual relationships and marriages. Most of Cameron’s works seem to foster harmony and peaceful coexistence between people and he is sensitive and can work in an artistic and cultural environment. His works are also greatly influenced by his intense involvement in public speaking. He is an independent writer and most of his works are original, for he is involved in public speaking that allows him to talk about issues in science, social issues and astrology. This makes him more flexible compared to other writers. He is known for sharp criticisms that allow him to be convincing to a group of people who do support his ideas but also brush shoulders with others.

He is the author of many books like; The way of the Master, Amazing Evolution Discovery, Revival Golden Key, The School of Biblical Evangelism, Still Growing (his own autobiography). The way of the Master is a book that derives its theme from Ray's full ministry. It teaches about the importance of applying the Ten Commandments and the moral law of God in evangelism. Cameron supports his theme with solid biblical arguments and the argument from history not forgetting good old common sense. The statistics presented of the typical "fall away rates" in modern day evangelism make it clear that something is very wrong with the way that evangelism is done nowadays. The secondary theme of the doctrine of false conversion is likewise backed up with much Scriptural proof. He uses allegories from the Old Testament to pass his message.

Kirk applies different literature styles in his works “Kirk tells a metaphor imagining that a blind man is walking towards a steep cliff. Someone pretending to help gives the blind man a CD player with wonderful Christian music instead of warning him about the cliff. The blind man continues towards the cliff unable to hear any warnings. Then Ray and Kirk claim that much modern preaching is similar since in their opinion modern preaching does not warn expressly about hell, judgment and penitence or guilt trip people over sin.” (Ice breaker Gospel track, Way of the Master). Kirk uses metaphor in most of his works to compare thing or to give an example of some other things using something different. In another instance he uses the euphemism as a style, “The video shows an example of a pastor preferring euphemisms. Then Kirk admits he understands far less theology than a pastor but begs pastors to frighten their flock and not to limit themselves to providing inspiring music and giving good advice.” This is used to bring in some humor.

Kirk also uses repetition for instance; he repeats the analogy of the blind man and the cliff and repeats with different world his notion that we must frighten people over the Ten Commandments and over hell. “He tells a dramatic and -as far as we know- unsupported story about surviving when a bath robe that had previously been soaked in petrol caught fire.” Repetition is used as a style in literature as a method to show that he is insisting on an issue and he wants the reader or the listener to look keenly into what is being said.

One criticism that can be leveled against the book is Ray's tendency to find allusions to the use of the Law in evangelism in Old Testament narratives. Another criticism which has been leveled against Way of the Master is the fact that the entire Gospel is not articulated. Explanation of the substitutionary death of Christ, the person and ministry of Christ is not looked into well here. Rather than see this as an omission, it is better to view it as a question of determination. The book is not intended to analyze all of the issues related to the Gospel; it is meant to teach the reader how to use the Ten Commandments to prepare the listener for the Gospel. Whether Way of the Master as a ministry should deal with those teachings is another issue altogether.
The last criticism is a practical one. While one must admire Ray for his desire to keep modern Gospel preachers and some of the people he uses their quotes anonymous, quoting them without citing the source is just bad technique. “If they're worth quoting they're worth citing.” Since Ray's thesis is correct, the preachers quoted ought to be exposed for the false teaching that they are guilty of. For instance, "The general principles upon which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity...I will avow that I believe and now believe that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God." – (John Adams) but he doesn’t give the source.

Kirk "History attests to the fact when America honored God, it was abundantly blessed by God. But let’s look at our more recent history. Think back to 9/11 when our enemies killed 3,000 of our people. Where was God's blessing when that happened? Or think of the thousands killed by tornadoes, the hurricanes that at times line up by our shores in such numbers we have run out of names to give them. The nonstop floods and droughts and the onslaught of cancer increasing so rapidly. Why are these things happening in America?" (Kirk Cameron in his book Way of the Master). He is a little bit misguided on this, for these are natural phenomenon that cannot be avoided and this does happen even in other countries not only in America. These hurricanes occur due to effect of global warming that influence the climatic systems to be more severe leading to more water vapor thus more hurricanes. It would have been a good idea if he looked into other things rather than natural callamities.in the same book he speaks of Cancer being a common thing in America because people have stopped worshiping God but when you look keenly at countries like China they worship other gods yet the levels of cancer cases are low in those areas. He should look into how people diet and not blame it all on people not worshiping God.

In conclusion Cameron is of great influence to the literature and the film industry for he is bringing out the Christian part in the industry knowing that in the end he will be of great help to many. He has changed greatly people view of God even though he may be receiving rebellion; there are people who still find sense in what he is saying. This has propelled him greatly in the industry and made him a point of discussion by many people this has helped greatly in sharpening his communication skills if not is writing skills. This has also helped him out in his family for it has strengthened the bond in his family who supports him. His works are changing people’s marriages and people are learning better ways to leave with their families. He has also changed the lives of many terminally ill children by giving them hope through The Firefly Foundation. Though he is criticized for his sharp reactions on gay marriages, he still remains to be a great influence in the literature and the film industry.

J. Cameron. Custom J. Cameron Essay Writing Service || J. Cameron Essay samples, help

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